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  • Blog Post: Submit Your Questions About Fullbright's Tacoma For Our Podcast

    Tacoma is our latest cover story, and we've been rolling out online coverage for more insight into the game set on a mysterious space station. Now that you know more about Fullbright's next project, we're giving you the chance to ask Fullbright co-founder Steve Gaynor questions about it.... More
  • Blog Post: [Trailer Added] Fullbright’s Tacoma Is Releasing On Xbox One First

    At Microsoft's press conference today, Steve Gaynor of Fullbright announced that the team's latest project will launch on Xbox One first. Fullbright is the team behind the acclaimed Gone Home and Tacoma is the team's second first-person exploration game. This time they're tackling science... More
  • Blog Post: Gone Home For Consoles No Longer 'Actively In Development'

    The co-founder of Gone Home developer Fullbright has explained that the game's console versions is no longer being "actively" developed. Steve Gaynor, writer and designer of Gone Home and co-founder of developer Fullbright, said on Kinda Funny Games ' Colin and Greg show (around the... More
  • Blog Post: Gone Home House Becomes A Multiplayer Map In Counter-Strike Mod

    A Counter-Strike modder going by the name Nipper on Steam Workshop has recreated the Gone Home's familiar house for use with Valve's shooter. You can find the map here , and it looks to be (without actually playing the mod) complete. Above you can see the TV room where you learned of the family's... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Monaco And Race The Sun Added To Humble Indie Bundle 12

    Update: The Bridge, Monaco: What’s Your Is Mine, and Race the Sun have been added to Indie Bundle 12. As is the case with each Humble Indie Bundle, more games have been added to sweeten the deal since its launch on September 9. Along with already included games SteamWorld Dig, Gunpoint, Hammerwatch... More
  • Blog Post: Retail Special Edition Of Gone Home Now Available In SNES-Themed Box

    The formerly download-only Gone Home is now available in retail form with some added goodies. The special edition of the game is $29.99 and you can order the North America version of the game here , and the European version of the game here . Included in the bundle is the game on a disc, as well as a... More
  • Blog Post: Fullbright Company Makes The Case For Gone Home's Game Status

    Is Gone Home a game? It certainly seemed as though that question was being asked a lot after the Fullbright Company released it last year. The game's designer and writer Steve Gaynor made his case for Gone Home's game status during a GDC panel this morning. This post contains Gone Home spoilers... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Unity 5 Announced, Available For Pre-Order Tomorrow

    Unity Technologies’ cross-platform game engine is a popular tool for a lot of smaller game developers. The next iteration of Unity, known as Unity 5 has been announced, according to Polygon. Note: Polygon originally broke the news, but has since removed the post. The update will focus on the game’s... More
  • Blog Post: Gone Home On Console Will Be The ‘Very Best Version On Each Platform'

    Yesterday, The Fullbright Company announced that its award-winning game, Gone Home , is headed for consoles. We had a chance to catch up with company co-founder Steve Gaynor to discuss bringing the experience to new audiences. Given the team’s experience with PC and console action games, they already... More
  • Blog Post: Gone Home Is Coming To Consoles

    The Fullbright Company announced today that it is bringing its award-winning PC title, Gone Home, to consoles. Midnight City , the indie publishing arm of publisher Majesco, is partnering with the studio. The news was announced on IGN’s Up at Noon show today. No platforms or specific release window... More
  • Blog Post: Steam Holiday Sale Day 8: Kill Or Be Killed

    I hope your wallets have been fattened up a bit, because there is still another week of the Steam Holiday Sale. Today’s deals include games that will challenge your mind, body, and patience. You can peruse today’s bounty below. Anno 2070 - $7.49 (Regularly $29.99) Dark Souls: Prepare to Die... More
  • Blog Post: Gone Home De-Make Turns Katie’s Adventure Into A 16-Bit RPG

    Gone Home was one of this year’s most captivating tales. It told the story of a sister arriving at her family’s new home after a semester abroad. When she arrives, she finds only a note from her sister urging her to leave well enough alone and not go searching. Fan Seth Macy has received... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Is Your Favorite Indie Game This Year?

    We talked about how it was a great year for indies on our recent podcast , highlighting some of our favorites. Now it's your turn. A lot of indie game discussion occurred this year in the Game Informer office. Whether we were talking about searching a house to find a family's whereabouts in Gone... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 11/08/13

    This is the last weekend before the Playstation 4 launches. GI editors are preparing in the best way that they can, by playing as many games of the current gen as they can. Kyle Hilliard: I have a secret game that I am sure will be demanding all of my gaming time, but if that’s not happening I... More
  • Blog Post: Quadrilateral Cowboy Wins Top Award At 2013 IndieCade Festival

    IndieCade has announced the winners at its 2013 festival, with the Grand Jury Award going to the Quadrilateral Cowboy. The puzzle game , expected to release later this year, puts players into the role of a hacker in the 1980s. Critical darling Gone Home also took home an award for best audio while Kentucky... More
  • Blog Post: Fullbright Company's Gone Home Sales Top 50,000

    One of the year's most critically praised indie games is selling well. In a blog post on developer The Fullbright Company's website, co-founder Steve Gaynor wrote, "We’re happy to announce that between Steam and our own website Gone Home has sold more than 50,000 copies since launc... More
  • Blog Post: Fullbright "Looking Into" Oculus Rift Support For Gone Home

    The Fullbright Company, the developer behind the recent Gone Home, might bring Oculus Rift support to the game. Gary Whitta, a screenwriter best known in the video game world for his work on The Walking Dead tweeted about his desire for Oculus Rift support for Gone Home. Fullbright responded that it... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 8/16/13

    This weekend, the Game Informer crew is mostly finishing up shorter experiences like Gone Home, DuckTales: Remastered, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Unfortunately, this also marks the last full week for the 2013 summer interns. It was a great experience, and now it's time to go on home. Jeff... More
  • Blog Post: The Fullbright Company Reveals Gone Home

    The ex-BioShock developers who recently formed the new indie studio The Fullbright Company revealed their first project today. It's called Gone Home. Described as a "exploration video game," Gone Home asks players to investigate the game world to figure out what happened. The game is currently... More
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