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  • Blog Post: Play As George Lucas In This Text Adventure

    Have you ever wondered what it was like to be George Lucas when he was creating Star Wars ? The folks over at ClickHole have apparently and have even created a text adventure that lets you play out that fantasy with a Clickventure called "You're George Lucas In 1975. Can You Create Star Wars... More
  • Blog Post: George Lucas Continues To Distance Himself From Star Wars

    It seems like the whole world is eagerly awaiting December 18, but there is at least one person on the planet who doesn’t seem eager to see The Force Awakens. It’s Star Wars' creator. Star Wars creator George Lucas doesn’t seem entirely happy with the direction of Star Wars films... More
  • Blog Post: George Lucas Has A Question For J.J. Abrams

    Watch Star War's creator ask its current caretaker a question about Darth Vader's Grandchildren.The fun doesn't end there. Vanity Fair had J.J. Abrams answer a bunch of questions from celebrities like Lena Dunham, Katie Couric, and George Lucas. After you watch that video check out our breakdown... More
  • Blog Post: Star Wars: Uprising Mobile RPG Launches A Day Early, Available Now

    Star Wars: Uprising, the mobile RPG video game meant to help bridge the gap between Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens , is available a day ahead of schedule. Initially announced for release on September 10 , the game is available to download now. Uprising is free-to-play and looks a... More
  • Blog Post: Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Brief But Exciting Teaser Trailer Is Online

    You won't see any Luke, Leia, or Han, but there is plenty of other footage to see in the first glimpse at Star Wars: The Force Awakens . New robots and landscapes, familiar spaceships, good guys, bad guys, the Millennium Falcon fighting TIE fighters, and one new lightsaber all appear in the brief... More
  • Blog Post: George Lucas Film Strange Magic Gets Trailer

    George Lucas may be retired, but somehow he's still making movies. Lucasfilm recently announced an animated film called Strange Magic that was based on a story Lucas wrote at some point in his life. The film is being directed by Gary Rydstrom, the sounds director behind classics like Jurassic Park... More
  • Blog Post: Shot-For-Shot Minecraft Star Wars Remake Gets A Trailer

    Minecraft and Star Wars fan Grahame Skeavington is making a shot-for-shot remake of the original Star Wars using Minecraft, and the project is nearing completion. According to Skeavington's website , one hour and 40 minutes of the nearly two-hour film have been completed. You can check out the trailer... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Meets Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back In New Animated Short

    YouTube animator James Farr has delivered the second and third parts in their animated Nintendo and Star Wars mash-up series. You can check out the first part by heading here , which covers Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope . Each video is about five minutes long, and hits all the major story beats... More
  • Blog Post: Rovio Teases Angry Birds Star Wars Prequels

    A recent tweet from the official Angry Birds Twitter account seems to indicate that we can expect more Star Wars-themed Angry Birds, and we'll learn more very soon. The image that was shared shows an Angry Birds parody of one of Star Wars: Episode 1's movie posters , along with the date July... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Star Wars Franchise Needs To Be Brought Back?

    It's May 4, which is Star Wars day, so it's a good excuse to do something we like to do anyway: talk about Star Wars. What Star Wars video game franchise would you like to see make a return? Whether it be by way of sequel, or reboot? Star Wars: Battlefront is an obvious choice ( and one that... More
  • Blog Post: George Lucas Talks On The Decision To Sell Lucasfilm To Disney

    George Lucas talks about his decision to retire, selling Lucasfilm to Disney, and what will happen to the next three Star Wars films in this video posted on the official Star Wars Youtube channel. More
  • Blog Post: More Details On Angry Birds Star Wars Appear Prematurely

    Rovio teased Angry Birds Star Wars on Friday with promises of more information on Monday. Yesterday, however, blog Idlehands was able to get its hands on a number of images revealing more information. We all assumed that Angry Birds Star Wars was going to be a new downloadable Angry Birds game, but it... More
  • Blog Post: Meet Kevin Butler, The Jedi

    If in another galaxy far, far away, Kevin Butler were George Lucas' son, he'd look something like the artwork above – dressed head-to-to in a crappy tablecloth with a haircut from the 80s. Wait...that's how Kevin Butler styles his hair now. This artwork comes courtesy of my Twitter... More
  • Blog Post: George Lucas Presents Jon Stewart Stormtrooper With Optional Goatee

    Alright so I know you're wondering why we would post such a thing. This has nothing to do with games, blahblahblah. Still, it's something we thought you should see. The Star Wars Celebration V convention is going down in Orlando where today George Lucas presented Jon Stewart, who helped host... More
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