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  • Blog Post: Artist Imagines Little Golden Book Versions Of Popular Video Games

    Artist Joey Spiotto's "Storytime" series takes popular M-rated video games, and imagines what they might look like adapted to become a Little Golden Book. You can check out the full gallery here , which offers up signed prints of the images for between $35 and $75, depending how big you're... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] The Actor Who Plays Cole In Gears Of War Would Like To Reprise His Role In The Next Entry

    Update: Lester Speight, who played Augustus "Cole Train" Cole in the Gears of War games, recently addressed a tweet implying he would be returning for the next entry in the series. Speight's previous tweet seemed to say he had been contacted about appearing in the new Gears, but a recent... More
  • Blog Post: Stephen Toulouse, Former Xbox Live Director Of Enforcement, Joins Gears Of War Team

    Stephen Toulouse, who was a Microsoft employee for 18 years before departing in 2012 , has rejoined his former company. Toulouse will be joining Rod Fergusson’s team at Black Tusk on the next Gears of War project as the director of community engagement. The news was announced on Major Nelson's... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Gears Of War And Rod Fergusson Now At Microsoft

    Update : 2K Games has responded to our request for comment on the departure of Rod Fergusson. Fergusson was hired on to cultivate a new studio for 2K Games. "We can confirm that Rod Fergusson is no longer with 2K," a 2K representative told us via email. "Any projects the new studio is... More
  • Blog Post: Cliff Bleszinski Will Not Be Working On Next Gears Game

    Since this morning’s announcement that the Gears of War franchise and series producer Rod Fergusson are both now with Microsoft , many have wondered whether former Epic design director Cliff Bleszinski would be lured back to the series. In a new blog post, Bleszinski puts the conversation to rest... More
  • Blog Post: Steam Greenlight Approves 50 New Games

    Steam Grennlight is expanding, with the latest batch of approved titles reaching 50 games. You can see the full list of games, along with descriptions, screenshots, etc., by heading here . There are brand new as well as familiar and Kickstarted games on the list like Bullet Bros, Crying is not Enough... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft's Phil Spencer Talks About Gears Of War's Future

    The Gears of War series wrapped up on Xbox 360 earlier this year with the release of Gears of War: Judgment. We may not have seen the last of Epic's franchise, but Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer says there would be changes to future installments if he had his way. Spencer spoke about the... More
  • Blog Post: Rod Fergusson Opening New 2K Studio

    According to an announcement on Twitter, Rod Fergusson – one of the minds behind the Gears of War series – is launching a new studio in the San Francisco Bay area for 2K Games. Fergusson's tweet doesn't give more details than that, but promises more information soon. Last we heard... More
  • Blog Post: Gears Of War Film Could Get Back On Track With New Producer

    We may never see the Halo movie that we were promised all those years ago, but another Microsoft franchise could finally make it to the silver screen. According to Variety, a new producer has joined the project. Scott Stuber , who has produced films including Battleship, Ted, and Identity Thief, will... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 04/19/13

    Some Game Informer editors will visit the dangerous world of Defiance with anyone brave enough to join them . New releases and a classic PlayStation role-playing game are also on the to-do lists this weekend. Mike Futter : Injustice has captured my attention with its solid story mode, interactive backdrops... More
  • Blog Post: A Note About Our Gears Of War: Judgment Review

    The newest chapter of the Gears of War series hits store shelves this Tuesday, and you'll probably see reviews for it popping up any minute now. However, you won't see Game Informer's just yet. If you've paid attention to any gaming sites over the last couple of weeks, you may have heard... More
  • Blog Post: Prepare For Gears Of War: Judgment With Our Coverage Hub

    Back in July '12, Gears of War: Judgment graced our cover , and along with it came a huge number of stories and features covering the development of the game. With Gears of War: Judgment's impending release this Tuesday, now is the perfect time to revisit all of our coverage. Click here , or... More
  • Blog Post: Bulletstorm Director Not Excited About AAA Games

    According to GamesIndustry , Adrian Chmielarz, the former creative director and co-owner of People Can Fly, is no longer interested in AAA titles. Instead, he is going to focus on smaller projects with new studio The Astronauts. "It's the same idea: get the best in [the] business under one umbrella... More
  • Blog Post: Gears Of War: Judgment Multiplayer Leaked Online

    Unofficial gameplay footage from Epic Games and People Can Fly’s upcoming Gears of War: Judgment title has been spotted online after the leaked game appeared on online torrent sites, and Microsoft is none too happy. According to Eurogamer , the company will take “vigorous action” against... More
  • Blog Post: Gears Of War May Never Get A Female Lead

    According to Epic Game's art director Chris Perna, female leads are hard to justify because fewer gamers buy titles with strong female leads. In an upcoming issue of OXM , Perna talked about the cliché of female characters in video games. "You see the implants and the blonde hair and... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Is Giving Away A Signed Copy Of Our Gears Of War: Judgment Issue

    Epic Games is giving away a copy of our Gears of War: Judgment issue, signed by the actor that portrays Augustus "Cole Train" Cole, Lester Speight. There are a couple of ways to get entered to win the magazine. You'll have to head to Epic Games' blog for more information. Gears of War... More
  • Blog Post: Gears Of War: Judgment Goes Gold

    According to the official Gears of War: Judgment Facebook page , the game has gone gold and will soon be ready for consumer consumption! Seen above is the development staff celebrating their victory. For those unfamiliar with the term, going gold basically means the game is ready for mass printing. It... More
  • Blog Post: These Are Gears Of War: Judgment's Achievements

    It's an achievement kind of morning with both BioShock Infinite's and Gears of War: Judgment's achievements showing up online. You can check out the full list of Judgment's achievements below. They Called Him Karn (10 points) - Completed Museum Of Military Glory Open Arms (10 points)... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Games’ Store Open For Business

    The official Epic Games’ Store is opening for business today, allowing fans to buy brand new Epic merchandise and games. The store offers a variety of Epic clothing, artwork, and drinkware from games such as Gears of War, Infinity Blade, Unreal Tournament, and Jazz Jackrabbit. Expedited shipping... More
  • Blog Post: Cliff Bleszinski Says Starting A New Studio Is A Matter Of "When" Not "If"

    In an interview with G4's X-Play , former Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski says he will start a new studio soon, it's just matter of when and with whom. Bleszinski told X-Play that while he's flattered at the fan response to Gears of War, he doesn't want the series to be his... More
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