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  • Blog Post: Chris Hecker Silently Critiques Video Game Industry At GDC

    Spy Party creator and indie game advocate Chris Hecker was given five minutes at this year's GDC 2013's Indie Soapbox panel to discuss the current state of the video game industry. Hecker let the industry speak for itself with a four-and-a-half minute video entitled Fair Use. The video contains... More
  • Blog Post: New Infiltrator Demo Showcases The Power of Unreal Engine 4

    At a behind closed doors meeting at GDC, Epic Games unveiled a new demo that shows off all the new features being integrated in the high-powered Unreal Engine 4. The Infiltrator demo may look like a cutscene, but Epic showed us that it was running in the engine in real-time by cutting back and forth... More
  • Blog Post: Borderlands 2 Writer Talks Humor - Including Claptrap’s Birthday Party

    Anthony Burch, the writer of Borderlands 2 shared some insight into its humor in a panel at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. The topics ranged from the energizing bane to bonerfarts. Burch had the auditorium in laughter as he drove home his biggest advice for comedic writers: never... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: The Future of Mobile Gaming

    Today while at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco, I attended a panel called "The Future of Mobile Gaming." While the panel had eight participants, questions were often asked to the audience to foster debate and discussion. Now I'm turning the questions on you. One of... More
  • Blog Post: Exotic Dancers Cause IGDA Resignations

    The employment of female exotic dancers at an International Game Developers Association at a party during this week's Game Developers Conference has caused high-profile members of the trade group to resign in protest. Most notably, Brenda Romero, an experienced and respected game developer whose... More
  • Blog Post: Creative Assembly Announces Total War: Arena

    Today at the his GDC panel "Designing Grand Strategy: Making the Mechanics of Total War," Creative Assembly lead designer James Russell announced the newest entry in the Total War series: Arena. This free-to-play online PC title features 10v10 team-based multiplayer battles. Each player controls... More
  • Blog Post: Capybara's Nathan Vella: Paid Apps Aren't Dying

    Free-to-play may be the darling economic model in the game industry at the moment, but according to Capybara president Nathan Vella, the reports regarding the death of paid games on mobile and tablet platforms have been greatly exaggerated. During his GDC talk "Still Kicking: The Viability of Paid... More
  • Blog Post: Vita Lands Two More Indie Darlings With Limbo, Spelunky

    At its PlayStation Indie Arcade event, Sony announced that two popular platformers are heading to its handheld. PlayDead's amazing Limbo, which came out to rave reviews in 2010, is scheduled to hit the handheld later this year. Having already come out on Xbox 360, PS3, Mac, and PC, it likely won't... More
  • Blog Post: Blacklight: Retribution, Primal Carnage: Genesis Coming To PlayStation 4

    Continuing to build its formidable stable of independent games, Sony announced two more small team games are headed to PlayStation 4. Blacklight: Retribution is a free-to-play shooter from Zombie Studios that came out on PC last year. Primal Carnage: Genesis is an episodic single-player adventure title... More
  • Blog Post: Warren Spector Offers Advice and Inspiration For Gaming's Future

    Warren Spector spoke passionately and humorously today at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California. At his panel, entitled "Narrative in Games: Roles, Forms, Problems, and Potential," he poked fun at himself on his slides for being an "out of work guy," since Disney... More
  • Blog Post: Bungie To Discuss Destiny Project At Game Developer's Conference

    While some details regarding Bungie's new franchise Destiny have already leaked , we'll soon know more about the highly anticipated project. At the upcoming Game Developer's Conference, Bungie's design director Joe Staten and art director Christopher Barrett will give a lecture entitled... More
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