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  • Blog Post: This Week's PlayStation Update Brings Free Runner2 For Plus Members

    Tomorrow's PlayStation update means another free game for Plus members. This time out, it's music-infused endless running. We liked Gaijin Games' Runner2: Future of Rhythm Alien quite a bit when we reviewed it earlier this year. If you want to see it in action, check out the Test Chamber... More
  • Blog Post: Gaijin Games Rounds Up Some Buddies For A Sale Bundle

    Gaijin Games, makers of the BIT.TRIP series, has released a special Steam collection of games, called the Good Friends Bundle. The limited-time sale includes Psychonauts, Super Meat Boy, Cave Story+, and more. The $24.99 bundle includes Runner2 and its Good Friends Character Pack DLC , Psychonauts, Super... More
  • Blog Post: Bit.Trip Fate Hits Steam

    Gaijin Games' Bit.Trip Fate makes its first appearance on a non-Nintendo platform. Bit.Trip Fate, is a unique and beguiling musical shooter, has been released to Valve's Steam service. The game was previously only available for Nintendo Wii and 3DS, and was also sold as part of the Bit.Trip Complete... More
  • Blog Post: A Very Early Look At The First HD Bit.Trip Game

    We learned earlier this month that Runner2, the follow-up to the great WiiWare title Bit.Trip Runner, will be making its way to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. This exciting project is still a ways off, but developer Gaijin Games has released a new video showing off a super-early debug version... More
  • Blog Post: Entire Bit.Trip Series Coming To 3DS

    It looks like the assumed April Fool's prank is becoming a reality. Bit.Trip Saga is headed to 3DS this summer with all of your favorite very hard games bundled in one big package. Original developer Gaijin Games is handling the port and Aksys Games will publish. For those unfamiliar with the franchise... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Is Portal 2 Launching Early?

    [Update] Lending a little more weight to the rumors that Portal 2 is going to launch tomorrow, in advance of its stated April 19 release date, several GI readers informed us that a countdown timer has appeared on the Aperture Science website, standing at the time of this writing at a little over 14 hours... More
  • Blog Post: Portal's GLaDOS Invades Various Indie Games On Steam

    We've already told you about the strange Portal ARG (alternate reality game) that Valve started last week, but if you thought ARGs are limited to cryptic e-mails and clues in real-world locations, Valve is happy to prove you wrong. They've clearly got something more ambitious in mind. It seems... More
  • Blog Post: Commander Video Sprinting Toward A 3DS Release?

    An enigmatic email was sent over to the folks at Destructoid, featuring an anaglyphed image of Bit.Trip’s Commander Video. A simple scrawl of text reads “more details coming soon.” Destructoid muses – and we agree – that the image hints at a 3D adventure within the Bit.Trip... More
  • Blog Post: Bit.Trip Flux Out Now

    Experience the final installment of Gaijin Games' retro-styled WiiWare saga today. Bit.Trip Flux has a similar dynamic to the first Bit.Trip title, Beat, but throws a selection of twists at the player as they try to intercept dots with a Pong-like paddle. Because what that game needed was more difficulty... More
  • Blog Post: BIT.TRIP Developer Gets Bigger

    Gaijin Games – developer of the BIT.TRIP franchise – has acquired Robotube Games, a fellow independent studio that specializes in web-based puzzle games. The acquisition gives Gaijin reach into some other, previously untapped areas. "Our bio-absorbtion of Robotube Games, its licenses... More
  • Blog Post: Commander Video Returning For Final Bit.Trip Game

    If you've enjoyed the Bit.Trip series of downloadable WiiWare releases, hold tight. One more is on its way, and it now has a name. Silicon Era has dug up that the sixth and reportedly final game in the series will apparently be titled Bit.Trip Flux. This info comes via Germany's USK ratings board... More
  • Blog Post: Bit.Trip Fate Release Date Announced

    The latest project from Gaijin Games for WiiWare is only a few weeks away. Bit.Trip Fate will release on October 25. The game is the fifth in the notoriously challenging series starring hero CommanderVideo. Each of the four previous games implements music and rhythm into a unique gameplay mechanic, from... More
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