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  • Blog Post: Denny's – Yeah The Food Chain – Is A Fan Of Firewatch

    One of the "great" American diners proves that it has mastered the pun. Denny's is apparently aiming to appeal to more gamers, because the company just posted the oddest reference to Firewatch on it's blog. We can't really blame them, because Campo Santo's new adventure game... More
  • Blog Post: The Dark Side Of Gaming Cakes

    Over the last few weeks, we've shown you fantastic and colorful cakes inspired by a variety of video games. Today however, we bring you a glimpse of the darker side of themed baking. You may remember the Angry Birds, Mario Kart, and Wind Waker tiered cakes made by gamer and baker-extraordinaire Tracey... More
  • Blog Post: Gamers, You Deserve Better Food Than This

    It's not that uncommon to see videogames sold in supermarkets these days. It is a bit less common to see game retailers selling whole meals. UK retailer GAME has created something called the "Christmas Tinner," which is a cylindrical amalgam of all the foods one might eat on Christmas Day... More
  • Blog Post: Praise These Heavenly Okami Cakes

    This adorable cake version of Okami's heroine Amaterasu is the work of artist Gina Rouchy, who is both a talented baker and an amazing mom. Because her daughter is such a huge fan of Okami, Rouchy made this cake for her birthday. For her daughter's twenty-first birthday, Rouchy created an even... More
  • Blog Post: Feast Your Eyes On These Video Game-Themed Cakes

    What you see in the image above is not a lie. It's a real cake made by Tracey Rothwell, owner of the Little Cherry Cake Company . Rothwell's bakery is in Lancashire, England, so placing an order is out of the question for most of us, but we can at least treat our eyes to pictures of her culinary... More
  • Blog Post: We Survived A Visit To Japan's Resident Evil Restaurant

    I thought I was going to have a normal meal at a quirky Japanese restaurant. Instead, it turned into of of the most surreal experiences of my life. Last week I recounted my evening at Capbar, Capcom's theme restaurant in Japan, but that wasn't the only Capcom themed bar I visited in the land... More
  • Blog Post: Going To Japan? Don't Miss The Capcom Restaurant

    After touring the Tokyo Game Show, we took a night off to check out Capcom's Themed restaurant: Capbar. It turns out, it's crazier than TGS. All of the food and drinks at Capbar are named after the company's games. You can order a Resident Evil drink that comes with colored herbs to mix in... More
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