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  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy Tactics Director's Kickstarted Game Shelved Indefinitely In Favor Of Other Projects

    The dramatic development saga of Yasumi Matsuno, the director of Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story, and Playdeck's Kickstarted game continues. Nearly two years after Unsung Story was funded , the game has been delayed for an indefinite amount of time and the prospects of the final product emerging... More
  • Blog Post: Square Celebrates Portal App's Birthday With Free Final Fantasy II Download

    Square Enix has send out a note that fans of the classic Final Fantasy series might find interesting. The company's Final Fantasy Portal App has been around for a year now, and players can download Final Fantasy II (that's Japanese numbering, so don't to see expect Cecil or Rydia a la U.S... More
  • Blog Post: 'Square Bowl' Is Final Fantasy Instead Of Football

    If you always considered yourself more of an "indoor kid" and don't have much interest in the Super Bowl, you can still come together with like-minded fans to celebrate this weekend. Game developers Teddy Dief (Hyper Light Drifter) and Adriel Wallick (Train Jam) are hosting the second Square... More
  • Blog Post: Warning: Final Fantasy VI On Steam Has iOS Visuals

    Today marks the release of Final Fantasy VI on Steam – a fact that might get you excited if you're an old-school RPG fan like me. However, as we've mentioned before , you may want to temper your enthusiasm, since it doesn't have the visual style that made the original game a classic... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Releases For Super Smash Bros. Today

    Last month, Nintendo announced that fan-favorite Final Fantasy character Cloud Strife would be making his way to Super Smash Bros. Cloud is available for download today, but here’s a quick breakdown for how he’ll play and how his stage works. According to Nintendo, Cloud was the most requested... More
  • Blog Post: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII On Steam Today

    Square Enix has completed the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy’s transition to PC. The third installment, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, is available on Steam today. The port includes a variety of graphical options and almost all of the DLC released on consoles. You’ll get a number of costumes... More
  • Blog Post: Final Smash Bros. Direct Coming Next Week

    Last month, Nintendo revealed that Final Fantasy VII hero Cloud Strife was heading over to Super Smash Bros. During the announcement, we learned that the character can use familiar Final Fantasy summons, including Odin and Bahamut. Next week, the company says it will be showing off even more details... More
  • Blog Post: New Final Fantasy VII Remake Footage Unveiled [Trailer Added]

    Today at the Sony keynote for PlayStation Experience, Square Enix showed off new footage of its highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake. In the trailer we saw Cloud roaming through the world, fighting in a more action-focused battle system, and looking fierce in some badass fights. As always, Square... More
  • Blog Post: See Final Fantasy Characters Like Tidus, Zidane, Squall, And Others In New Dissidia Trailers

    Japan is getting a Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade fighting game on November 26. It may not be planned for North America at the moment, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy seeing it action. Below you will find a whole bunch of new trailers for the game highlighting a number of Final Fantasy characters... More
  • Blog Post: Fan Video Details Cloud's Super Smash Bros. Move List

    Cloud may be a formidable fighter, but he’s only as good as the player controlling him. A new fan video details the move list for the Final Fantasy protagonist in Super Smash Bros., revealed in last week’s Nintendo Direct. Produced by Andy Garner (or “MasterOfHyrule” on YouTube... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Coming To Super Smash Bros.

    Fans of Smash Bros. and Final Fantasy should prepare themselves, because Nintendo has announced a crossover of epic proportions. Cloud is joining the Super Smash Bros. roster on Wii U and 3DS, and he’s bringing summons and a new stage with him. With classic Final Fantasy VII battle music playing... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Square Enix Strongly Hints At, But Doesn't Guarantee, 2016 Release For FFXV

    Update: We caught up with Final Fantasy director Hajime Tabata this morning to clarify the release window for Final Fantasy XV. The director had more information for us, giving us hope for the full game next year. Earlier today, Gamespot reported that Tabata confirmed a 2016 release. When we checked... More
  • Blog Post: New Story Details From Final Fantasy XV's Director

    Square Enix just released a new Final Fantasy XV trailer that focused on the story elements, showing some of the events that lead up to the game's story. With a mysterious girl, a dog aimlessly wandering the streets, and a young Noctis being held by his father, the new tease brought just as many... More
  • Blog Post: Here's A Video Of Every JRPG You've Ever Played

    Remember when your mother woke you up at the beginning of your favorite JRPG? And finding the magic crystals? And the important minigames? College Humor pretty much hits the nail on the head with its video lampooning the many tropes adopted by assorted JRPGs. You've got the morning wake up, the important... More
  • Blog Post: Learn How American Football Inspired Final Fantasy's Combat System

    In the latest episode of Did You Know Gaming, the series looks at Final Fantasy, its odd localized naming conventions, and how American football has influenced the game's combat. The core of the influence comes from the way the player faces their opponent in a line-up, and the ability to plan plays... More
  • Blog Post: [Trailer Added] World of Final Fantasy Places You In Battle With Familiar Friends And Foes

    The Final Fantasy franchise is one that isn't afraid to embrace its past, and with World of Final Fantasy, players are able to face off against some of the most recognizable foes in Final Fantasy history while fighting alongside some familiar faces. The game features cute re-imaginings of characters... More
  • Blog Post: Square Enix Holding E3 Press Conference This Year

    Square Enix announced on its website that it will hold a press conference this year at E3. Of course, the company isn't revealing much yet — that's what the conference is for — but it did say to expect "some exciting news." It's anyone's guess what Square Enix will... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Poorly Received Video Game Movie Deserves Another Shot With TV Series?

    The Internet seems mostly pleased with Netflix's adaptation of Marvel's Daredevil, effectively erasing the 2003 Ben Affleck film from everyone's memory. Are any video game movies capable of the same reboot? The first video game film that comes to mind is Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within... More
  • Blog Post: This Week In Mobile – Final Fantasy And The First Apple Watch Game

    This week in mobile, the Final Fantasy world is falling apart at the seams and Disney brings Star Wars Rebels to mobile platforms. Final Fantasy Record Keeper Developer: Square Enix Platform(s): iOs , Android Price: Free At its core, Final Fantasy Record Keeper is fan-service layered in fan-service.... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The Final Fantasy XV Tease At The End Of Episode Duscae

    As a demo, Episode Duscae is only a small taste of what players will encounter in Final Fantasy XV. The scope and direction of the full game have still not been revealed, but the teaser sequence at the end of Episode Duscae hints at what's to come. The video below only uses dialogue and static art... More
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