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  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy XV Demo Coming In 2015

    Gamers have been waiting to play Final Fantasy XV for a long time, but a chance to sample the gameplay is coming soon. A downloadable demo for the next numbered Final Fantasy will be available in 2015, and lets players see some opening sections of the game in action. Square Enix is calling the demo Episode... More
  • Blog Post: Tetsuya Nomura No Longer Directing Final Fantasy XV

    Square Enix has announced that the long-running Final Fantasy XV project has had a change of leadership. Hajime Tabata (Final Fantasy Type 0, Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII) is now serving as director, and Tetsuya Nomura is now focusing on other projects. The main title receiving Nomura's attention... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is A "Delicate Situation" – Date Set For More Information

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII was first announced in May 2006, and since then has been a specter haunting Square Enix. Nary an interview goes by with key franchise personnel without the title being brought up (and hurriedly dismissed). We've even put together our own timeline of the title's wending... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy Producer Wants A New Game Every Year Or Two

    After the lengthy wait for Final Fantasy XIII and a similarly seemingly never-ending grind toward Final Fantasy Versus XIII, some FF fans are understandably surprised that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is already almost ready for release. If FF XIII-2 producer Yoshinori Kitase has his way, this faster turn-around... More
  • Blog Post: Official Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer Releases

    A new video featuring six minutes of game footage reveals new details regarding how the upcoming Final Fantasy game from Square Enix plays. Last week, we reported on a leaked video showing off a good bit of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the oddly named new game from Square Enix. That footage has since been... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy Versus XIII First Gameplay Footage

    Grab your jaw, it’s about to hit the floor. Final Fantasy Versus XIII gameplay footage just hit Youtube and you’ll want to see it now before it gets pulled. Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced at the same time as Final Fantasy XIII, but we haven’t heard nearly as many details about... More
  • Blog Post: FF Versus XIII Begins Voice Casting

    Creator of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Tetsuya Nomura, has been busy tweeting the progress of upcoming Square Enix titles. One of the most interesting bits offers insight to the progress of Versus, and narrows down at which game shows it may appear. "Versus has had many difficulties, and past method... More
  • Blog Post: Nomura: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Scenario Is Complete

    Game director Tetsuya Nomura told Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation that the game's storyline, character designs, and clothing designs are finished. Maybe we'll see it yet in our lifetimes? Though the project has been under tight wraps since its 2006 reveal at Square Enix's E3 press conference... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy Versus XIII May Go Multiplatform

    These days it seems unless a game is first party published, it will inevitably go multiplatform. Diehard PS3 fans gasped when they heard FF XIII was heading to 360, but at least they still had FF Versus XIII to covet. According to the CEO of Square Enix, that decision isn’t set in mythril. In a... More
  • Blog Post: Tetsuya Nomura Reveals Final Fantasy Versus XIII Details

    Tetsuya Nomura was recently featured on the Square Enix Members Twitter account where he answered questions regarding the elusive Final Fantasy Versus XIII. In the Twitter-based interview, Nomura provided 140-character tidbits on the game stemming from fan-submitted questions. He said in Versus XIII... More
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