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  • Blog Post: Ubisoft's New Game May Be Called Fighter Within

    Domain watching website Fusible happened upon on an interesting website registration today. While no content is yet to appear on the registered domains, two URLs for something called Fighter Within have shown up in Go Daddy's proxy service, and both link to a Ubisoft URL at http://fighter-within... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What's The Worst Game You Played This Year?

    Considering some of the rage this has stirred up across the interwebs, my guess is Entertainment Weekly writer Jeff Jensen has a few death threats sitting in his inbox. Why you ask? He picked Wii-exclusive platformer Kirby's Epic Yarn as the worst game of 2010. "Worst" is a pretty powerful... More
  • Blog Post: UFC Suing Ubisoft Over Two Words

    If you've ever wondered why major companies need to worry about legal jargon so much, here's the perfect example. Ubisoft is being sued by UFC over their Fighters Uncaged game for Kinect. No, UFC isn't claiming that Fighters Uncaged is too similar to UFC nor that Ubisoft ripped off any UFC... More
  • Blog Post: Take A Kick To The Face With New Fighters Uncaged Screens

    Today Ubisoft has released new screens for Fighters Uncaged. The Kinect title tells the tale of a fighter named Simon who must use skills learned from his father, an ex-boxing champ, to beat the crap out of guys with his bare hands. Check out some of the deadly fighting moves below. More
  • Blog Post: Ubisoft Announces Kinect Exclusive Fighters Uncaged

    Today Ubisoft announced Fighters Uncaged, a Kinect exclusive fighting game that will be available this November. The game is currently under development by AMA Studios. “Fighters Uncaged is the first motion fighting game for Microsoft Kinect, dedicated to a core audience,” said Adam Novickas... More
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