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  • Blog Post: FIFA Continues To Drive Huge Profits For EA

    FIFA 13 is still a big winner for EA, with a number of different products continuing to bring in revenue. During the second quarter 2014 earnings call, the publisher touted it's flagship soccer title's placement in the top five biggest titles in the West. FIFA Ultimate Team continues to drive... More
  • Blog Post: Marco Di Vaio's 73,838 Goals In FIFA 13

    For the first time in a pro sports league, a video game has been used to determine who would go to an all-star game. Using FIFA 13 , gamers are sending Montreal Impact forward Marco Di Vaio to the MLS All-Star game on July 31 in Kansas City. Gamers racked up 73,838 goals with Di Vaio to make him worthy... More
  • Blog Post: Send A Player To The MLS All-Star Game Via FIFA 13

    EA Sports is taking a different tack with typical fan voting initiative. Fans can make their goals count in FIFA 13 towards sending an MLS player to the MLS All-Star game. Between now and July 10 (11 central time) any goals scored by the forwards below on an online-enabled PS3, Xbox 360, or PC copy of... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 04/19/13

    Some Game Informer editors will visit the dangerous world of Defiance with anyone brave enough to join them . New releases and a classic PlayStation role-playing game are also on the to-do lists this weekend. Mike Futter : Injustice has captured my attention with its solid story mode, interactive backdrops... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 04/12/13

    Minnesota received a hearty amount of snow this week (not a surprise at this point, really. We'll just skip spring and go straight to summer), so there isn't a more perfect reason to stay inside and play video games. Ben Hanson : This weekend I'm dreaming of playing some more Guacamelee while... More
  • Blog Post: Virgin Gaming Brings Tournament Play To Xbox Live

    Your mother might have told you that you can't make any money playing video games, but Virgin is doing its best to prove her wrong. This week, Virgin Gaming has released a new Xbox Tournaments app featuring free and buy-in competitions. To kick off the new campaign, players can compete for a chance... More
  • Blog Post: Report: EA May Add New Sports Franchises

    Electronic Arts’ chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen said “a couple of new sports franchises” may be added to the developer’s stable of sports games. The revelation came during the Wedbush Technology Conference today. While answering a question about EA’s planned releases... More
  • Blog Post: Snoop Dogg’s Way Of The Dogg Combines Music And Fighting

    Rapper Snoop Dogg (AKA Snoop Lion) is providing the music for Way of the Dogg, a new rhythm-action fighting game built around music and ‘70s Kung Fu films. Players match beats to Snoop’s music in order to take out enemies; each new level provides a different music track to lay the smackdown... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 3/1/13

    The first of March transitions quickly to the weekend, and there will be plenty of gaming going on. One editor is playing Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, while others are going back to games they haven't enjoyed in a while. Kayla Herrera : After writing my feature on Alice: Madness Returns... More
  • Blog Post: Former NFL Player Wants To Unite Gamers And Athletes

    Former Chicago Bears linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer has one goal: bridge the gap between gamer and professional athlete. To accomplish his goal he co-founded OverDog. The company's iPhone app allows athletes to challenge their fans in different games on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Eventually the app... More
  • Blog Post: Virgin Gaming Presents $1 Million In Prize Money

    Virgin Game and EA Sports partnered again for the annual EA Sports Challenge Series Feb. 9, one of the largest live gaming tournament in the world, and battled solely on the PlayStation 3. That Saturday morning, 1000 spectators entered Lagasse’s Stadium in Las Vegas to watch 640 gamers compete... More
  • Blog Post: FIFA 13's Cover Athletes Announced

    Barcelona's Lionel Messi graces the cover of FIFA 13 here in North America, and the game features one or more other superstars on its covers around the world. Messi, of course, will be the main star on all the covers in all the regions, but he will be flanked by one or more others depending on which... More
  • Blog Post: EA Sports Details FIFA Social Network Updates

    Electronic Arts is updating its EA Sports Football Club to, "drive a deeper connection for millions of fans to the world’s sport." There will be a new rewards system introduced with FIFA Soccer 13, you will be able to share updates through Facebook, and a there will be new iOS app and... More
  • Blog Post: EA Sports Puts Kinect In Madden & FIFA

    Both American football and football around the world will be getting Kinect voice recognition. In FIFA, you can make substitutions, change tactics and formations on the fly with the peripheral. You can also argue with the referee or linesman. But watch out if you do, the AI will know, and could give... More
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