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  • Blog Post: The Fun Never Ends On This Super Smash Bros./Adventure Time Crossover Poster

    Nintendo has a deep stable of characters at its disposal for its mash-up fighting series Super Smash Bros., and Adventure Time 's Land of Ooo is teeming with just as many bizarre denizens with nearly six seasons under its belt. Bringing together the two properties to hilarious effect, Etsy artist... More
  • Blog Post: Video Game Stained Glass Art

    Artist Rick Daniels runs a shop called "MartianGlasswork" on Etsy, where he sells a variety of stained glass panels he's created. His amazing glass work seems even more impressive when you learn that he's entirely self-taught, and started only about two years ago. Most of his work is... More
  • Blog Post: Posters Depict Art From Ico And Shadow Of The Colossus

    While fans of Team Ico continue their vigil over The Last Guardian , they can decorate their walls with art from the developer's older titles. Etsy user Rhiannon, owner of the shop "kitschaus", has created posters from the art of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Kitschaus is currently offering... More
  • Blog Post: Accessorizing With Portals

    These delightful earrings are from the SVCharms shop on Etsy, owned by user SV Jewellery, and are inspired by Valve's Portal games. Created from laser cut acrylic, the design shows a stick figure, like the one seen on testing signs and Portal's box art, traveling through the classic blue and... More
  • Blog Post: Elder Scrolls Poster Encourages Our Faith In The Dark Brotherhood

    Artist LadyHonsa on Etsy has created the poster, “Keep Calm and Hail Sithis.” Oblivion and Skyrim fans will recognize the signature black hand of the dark brotherhood, though its effectiveness is questionable. Reflecting on the silent malevolent spirit of Sithis isn’t conducive to remaining... More
  • Blog Post: Be Like Snorlax With These Etsy Goods

    If there's one Pokemon that knows eating and sleeping, it's Snorlax. To live a good Snorlax life, try out one (or all) of these Snorlax-themed Etsy goods. Etsy seller Erin Fish runs the shop, Find Your Cute , and offers a number of really excellent deals, including this Snorlax sleep mask . The... More
  • Blog Post: This Guy Makes Nerf Guns Awesome

    Etsy user Viktor Graves doesn't manipulate the hardware of Nerf guns, but he does add impressive video game paint jobs. Among his large collection of steampunk themed weapons and goggles, you will find a handful of guns with detailed Mass Effect and Halo themes. Graves' gun may not be quite as... More
  • Blog Post: In Case You Ever Wanted A Life-Size Vaporeon Plush

    Etsy continues to be a magical treasure trove of video game-related goodies. Take a look at this life-size Pokemon plush. Etsy shop owner Growly Lobita made the giant Vaporeon using a combination of fleece, vinyl, embroidery, hand-painting, and other methods. Check out the plush's listing to see... More
  • Blog Post: Zelda's Famous Rock-Eating Tribe Now In Quilt Form

    People do some pretty amazing and amazingly nerdy things with textiles. Check out this handmade Goron quilt , inspired by the boulder-like, rock-eating tribe from the Zelda series. Etsy seller PlumCozyCottage machine-sewed the Goron and Triforce designs onto the front of the blanket, which measures 5x5... More
  • Blog Post: Adorable, Cheap Moogle Slippers, Kupo

    Most of the Etsy gear we cover is for those with deep pockets or unbridled obsessions. These Moogle slippers are both adorable and affordable. Handmade gear costs a considerable amount of money and, especially time, to craft, meaning the cost to the consumer is higher than what some people are used to... More
  • Blog Post: Everyone Needs A Talking King Of All Cosmos Pillow

    Who wouldn't want to snuggle up to a King of All Cosmos pillow that speaks to them? Etsy seller Katy, of Penguinotic, has a history of making high quality plushies and other related snuggly goods. This talking pillow is modeled after the Katamari series' creepy King of All Cosmos, who speaks... More
  • Blog Post: Gorgeous Rydia Painting Is Gorgeous

    An Etsy seller has made Final Fantasy IV's Rydia even more stunning than she already was in this beautiful watercolor and ink painting. Rydia , a Summoner from Final Fantasy IV and its subsequent related titles, is easily recognized by her initially controversial outfit and her bright green hair... More
  • Blog Post: This 15' Journey Scarf Is Amazing, You Definitely Want It

    Etsy is a magical treasure trove of ridiculously awesome video game-inspired gear. This Journey scarf alone is proof. The details on the hand-knit scarf , as well as the fact that it is over 15' long, make it a pretty accurate recreation of the avatar's scarf in the critically acclaimed PSN game... More
  • Blog Post: The Amount Of Detail In These Final Fantasy VI Shoes Blows My Mind

    If you haven't been able to figure it out yet, we love Etsy. Part of the reason is that you can find incredible custom, handmade video game gear like these Final Fantasy Vans. The detail on these shoes , painted with scenes, characters, and text from Final Fantasy VI, is something to behold. You... More
  • Blog Post: Etsy Artist Makes Beautiful Video Game-Inspired Prints

    This full Skyward Sword print is just the tip of the iceberg. Etsy artist theGorgonist has created tons of beautiful prints based on your favorite games. theGorgonist has sold over 653 prints so far, and for good reason: Her work is adorable, well-done, and, because it's typically available in several... More
  • Blog Post: Wear Minecraft Creepers On Your Feet

    These custom creeper chucks are the coolest things. In case you weren't previously aware, or you missed any of our previous posts about it , Etsy, the website where crafty people go to sell their handmade goods, is awesome. Check out these Minecraft creeper knit chucks , made by Katie of the Etsy... More
  • Blog Post: Space Invaders Look As Tasty As They Are Dangerous

    Candy is delicious. Space Invaders’ characters are great. Combine these two things, and you’ve got a sugary treat that will appeal to just about anyone with a mouth—even if they didn’t spend their childhoods plugging quarters into old arcade machines. An Etsy merchant is selling... More
  • Blog Post: Buy Your Very Own Mega Man Legends Fan Art

    Game Informer's Mega Man Legends Super Replay is airing now , and those of you who are crazy enough to watch us play through this entire game may want a keepsake. A number of talented artists on Etsy are selling items inspired by this classic game. Capcom also has a killer collectible available.... More
  • Blog Post: T-Virus Pendant Pays Homage To One Of Gaming's Most Notorious Pathogens

    It was responsible for the deaths of thousands of video-game civilians, and brought on the destruction of Raccoon City. So who wouldn't want to wear a copy of the T-Virus around their neck? An Etsy user seemed to think so, paying homage to Resident Evil's infamous virus with a one-off pendant... More
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