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  • Blog Post: XCOM Expansion Enemy Within Heading To Mobile

    The XCOM: Enemy Unknown expansion, Enemy Within, is coming to iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire mobile devices very soon. The game will be $12.99 and will be available tonight at midnight, 12 PM ET. The game will be compatible with iPad 3, iPad mini 2, iPhone 5 and up, and unfortunately, won’t be compatible... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 10/11/13

    This weekend, some GI editors are taking a break from GTA V with new releases like Pokémon X & Y, Beyond: Two Souls, and The Wolf Among Us. But mostly everyone is, you know, playing GTA V. Kimberley Wallace: My mission is to finish Beyond: Two Souls this weekend. I liked what I played of a... More
  • Blog Post: XCOM Enemy Within Listing Appears Online

    Listings for something called XCOM Enemy Within have appeared on Korean ratings boards , as well as the Steam database. The mysterious listings were spotted by CVG , and outside of the name, there is no evidence or indication hinting at what Enemy Within could be. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is coming... More
  • Blog Post: The XCOM Shooter Disappears From The Internet

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the tactical strategy game, released last year, but there is (was?) another XCOM game in development. It is a first-person shooter, and like evidence of aliens on Earth after government intervention, it has suddenly and inexplicably disappeared. Digital Trends noticed yesterday that... More
  • Blog Post: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Heading To iOS This Summer

    Firaxis, the developer behind last year's XCOM: Enemey Unknown has announced that the game is coming to iPhone and iPad. According to Firaxis, the game will basically be a direct port of the console and PC version of the game. No word on pricing just yet, or an exact release date yet, but it should... More
  • Blog Post: Firaxis Sends Its Holiday Regards

    We received a card in the mail from Firaxis, the developers of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and it included a special message. I grabbed a quick video of it so that you can share in the holiday greeting joy. Check it out below. More
  • Blog Post: Honor Your Fallen XCOM Soldiers On Facebook

    If you've played the fantastic XCOM: Enemy Unknown, you know that death is an inevitable and sobering occurrence. Many of us have seen our friends and family perish at the hands of various sectoids, floaters, and (especially) sectopods. Now you can honor their sacrifice in the noblest of ways...via... More
  • Blog Post: XCOM: Enemy Unknown's Slingshot DLC Is Available Now

    XCOM's Slingshot DLC is available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC today and Firaxis has released a trailer and screenshots to let fans know what they're getting into. Slingshot costs $6.99 on PSN and PC, and 560 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live. The pack introduces three new maps tied to Council... More
  • Blog Post: Watch XCOM: Enemy Unknown's Entire PAX Panel Online

    During the recent PAX convention, Firaxis got together with television personality Geoff Keighley, behind a table and in front of a crowd, to discuss the development of its upcoming alien-fighting strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Unkown. If you weren't lucky enough to attend the panel in person, you can... More
  • Blog Post: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Ask The Developer

    After our full month of XCOM: Enemy Unknown coverage, we’re all more eager than every to get our hands on the game, but you probably still have a few burning questions about the game that you’d like answered. Next week, we’ll be recording a special edition XCOM podcast where we talk... More
  • Blog Post: February Cover Revealed: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    This is the announcement you've been waiting for: One of the most beloved strategy titles of all time re-imagined by one of the best strategy studios in the world. Firaxis Games' XCOM: Enemy Unknown introduces a wider console audience to what made the storied franchise great in the first place... More
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