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  • Blog Post: Gameplay Reveal For Star Wars Battlefront's Free Battle Of Jakku DLC [Trailer Added]

    Update: The big reveal for the Jakku DLC has happened, and you can see the trailer right here. Original story: Star Wars Battlefront is getting some free DLC in the form of Jakku (a planet that will feature in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens ), and we will be able to get a look at it tomorrow... More
  • Blog Post: Tense Star Wars: Battlefront Duel Is Almost Too Funny To Believe

    Thousands upon thousands of tense confrontations between the cannon fodder of the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance have played out in the days since Star Wars: Battlefront released. The clip below captures only one of them, but boy is it one to remember. Uploaded by Nick Nixon on YouTube, the standoff... More
  • Blog Post: Where's Our Star Wars Battlefront Review?

    The review embargo for Star Wars Battlefront is up at 11 p.m. CT, but you won't see Game Informer's review just yet. I've logged plenty of hours into the game's multiplayer modes, and feel like I've seen every variation numerous times over, but ranking up to earn new gear is a considerable... More
  • Blog Post: Need For Speed Update Addresses Game's Big Flaw

    Need for Speed came out last week, it wasn't quite the reboot I was hoping for, but developer Ghost Games says that it's working to fix at least one of the game's big problems. In a official blog post, the developer says that the game's first major update (it's free) is coming by... More
  • Blog Post: BioWare Promises "Surprises" On N7 Day

    You can't blame fans for wondering if a big Mass Effect news announcement is coming on November 7 considering BioWare went dark in the aftermath of the Mass Effect: Andromeda reveal during E3. Today the studio said it has no plans for a "major announcement" regarding the game. but nonetheless... More
  • Blog Post: Mass Effect's Lead Writer Drew Karpyshyn Returns To BioWare

    The first Mass Effect's lead writer, Drew Karpyshyn, left the studio a few years ago to focus on writing his series of Chaos Born novels, but has recently returned to the studio. Karpyshyn's BioWare credits include lead writer on Mass Effect, co-lead writer on Mass Effect 2, as well as writing... More
  • Blog Post: Sign Up For The Need For Speed Beta Right Now

    EA is currently taking sing-ups for the Need for Speed beta. All you need is an EA account. Outside of needing an EA account, the only other thing EA requests is a console preference – Xbox One or PlayStation 4. You can head here to sign up . Note that it is not guaranteed entry, but this is the... More
  • Blog Post: Uber Is Giving Away Free Copies Of Madden In NFL Cities Today

    If you live in an NFL city and love football, you might want to make sure you have the Uber app on your phone. The taxi-alternative service is delivering copies of Madden NFL 16 for Xbox One today. In order to try your luck at a free, early copy of Madden, you’ll need to enter a promo code specific... More
  • Blog Post: EA Confirms That A New Battlefield Is Coming In 2016

    Unsurprisingly, EA has confirmed that a new Battlefield game will be released in 2016. The news comes from the company’s first quarter fiscal year 2016 earnings call. Responding to an inquiry from an analyst, chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen discussed the company’s strategy for core... More
  • Blog Post: Asia Getting Its Own Version Of Titanfall

    Developer Respawn Entertainment, in partnership with Nexon Korea, is bringing Asia its own version of Titanfall. Nexon is working once again with EA (the two put out FIFA Online 3 in Korea) on the PC online project – no release date has been announced. It's unknown at this time how this Asia... More
  • Blog Post: New Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Spoils Of The Qunari Available Now

    Bring Par Vollen to Skyhold with the newest Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC. Similar to the Spoils of the Avvar item pack, Spoils of the Qunari offers new armor, decorations, and more. This new loot is all Qunari-flavored of course, so your Inquisitor will also be able to get hands on Arishok's armor... More
  • Blog Post: Mass Effect's Tali Returns As A Statue

    Kotobukiya released prototype images of its upcoming Tali'Zorah statue that is based off of her look from Mass Effect 3. This statue is slated to release in February 2016, and the final product will feature a themed base that ties into the game. Kotobukiya didn't share any pricing details for... More
  • Blog Post: EA Accepting Applications For Star Wars Battlefront Closed Alpha On PC

    Hot off a well received E3 demo, DICE is prepping the Star Wars Battlefront closed alpha. Now is your chance to join the test phase that starts on July 2. If you're a PC player interested in spending some time on Hoth during these hot summer months, you can throw your stormtrooper helmet in the ring... More
  • Blog Post: Rewatch EA's Entire E3 Press Conference

    From Mass Effect Andromeda to our first look at Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay, EA had some big games to show off at this year's E3. If you missed it the first time, you can now rewatch the company's press conference in its entirety, including Game Informer's pre- and post-show analysis... More
  • Blog Post: Star Wars Battlefront Debuts Survival Mode

    EA and developer DICE showed off a little about Star Wars Battlefront's Survival Mode, which as the name suggests features waves of enemies. The game's multiplayer features split-screen, accommodates one-on-one play with bots, and other modes. The Sony press conference featured a video with Survival... More
  • Blog Post: Mirror's Edge Catalyst Debuts, Release Date Revealed

    At Electronic Arts' press conference today, the company showed off Mirror's Edge Catalyst for the first time and put out the release date.Check out the announce trailer here: The prequel covers protagonist Faith's origin story and uses the latest version of developer DICE's Frostbite... More
  • Blog Post: NBA Live 16 Release Date Announced

    NBA Live 16 hopes to build off last year's game to take on entrenched rival NBA 2K16. The battle begins this September. The game comes out on September 29 for the new-gen systems. During today's demo, the developer showed off a face-scanning tech using a phone app that will be out before the... More
  • Blog Post: Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Getting Solo Play

    Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is getting four-player co-op, a single-player mode, and some content from the original game will transfer to the sequel. A live gameplay demo from Electronic Arts' press conference showcased new classes like the Imp, Super Brains, and a new sniper-class zombie... More
  • Blog Post: Need For Speed Reboot Coming November 3

    EA has already announced the reboot for Need For Speed, but today it talked a little more about customization and the game's story. The game takes place in Ventura Bay, a huge NFS city that features plenty of cops, and which demands that you earn the respect and take down its five main racing icons... More
  • Blog Post: EA Confirms Mirrors Edge Catalyst, With More Info Coming At E3

    Update: EA has confirmed that the next Mirror's Edge game is titled Mirror's Edge Catalyst. As you might have guessed with a release planned for this fiscal year (ending March 31, 2016), we'll be getting more information at E3. The publisher pushed live a new website for the game, complete... More
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