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  • Blog Post: Battlefield Reveal Will Happen On May 6

    EA has announced that it’s getting ready to reveal what’s next for the Battlefield franchise. The publisher is holding an event next week to close out the week and introduce the new game. There are no hints beyond earlier rumors about setting, which pegged the game for World War 1. The reveal... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox One Players Can Check Out Madden 16 At No Cost This Weekend

    This weekend, Xbox One owners with Xbox Live Gold memberships can check out Madden 16 at no additional charge. If you're currently in a rut and looking for something new to play, or a Madden 16 veteran looking for a fresh batch of opponents, you might want to fire up the football game. The promotion... More
  • Blog Post: Play Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Free For 10 Hours

    If you haven’t had a chance to play Plants vs. Zombies 2: Garden Warfare, you can do so now for free. EA is offering up an extended full-game trial so you can see if it grows on you. Now through May 10, you can play for 10 hours on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If you decide to purchase after... More
  • Blog Post: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Delayed To June 7

    Electronic Arts today announced that Mirror’s Edge is getting yet another delay. After moving to May 24 from an earlier announced released date of February 23, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is once again pushing out its release, this time to June 7, and June 9 in Europe. It’s a minor delay... More
  • Blog Post: Mass Effect: New Earth Amusement Park Attraction Gets Its Own Teaser Trailer

    In September, we reported on a Mass Effect-themed amusement park attraction coming this year. Today we get our first look at it by way of teaser trailer. Mass Effect: New Earth is set to open at Santa Clara, California’s Great America theme park this spring. Great America claims it will feature... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Do You Want To See From Titanfall 2?

    Respawn has released the initial trailer for Titanfall 2, and EA is promising more details right before E3 on June 12, but what do you think so far? While the teaser trailer didn't show a lot ( click here to get your blood and ideas flowing ), the nasty-looking sword certainly is cool, as is the... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] EA Pulls Fan-Made Donald Trump Mass Effect Propaganda Video

    Update: EA offered a brief statement explaining its decision to request removal of the video in question. The company says it does not approve of its games being used for political purposes. "The video was an unauthorized use of our IP," a company representative told us via email. "We... More
  • Blog Post: The Banner Saga Joins Origin Access Next Week

    The tactical RPG The Banner Saga, created by former Bioware developers, is joining EA's The Vault on Origin Access next week. Based on EA Access for Xbox One, Origin Access is a PC subscription service that includes a growing section called The Vault, which gives full access to certain games for... More
  • Blog Post: Is This Alleged Mass Effect Andromeda Footage An April Fools' Joke?

    Alleged gameplay footage from Bioware's upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda has leaked online, displaying the new jetpack feature. The video is from a Bioware developer's demo reel. The validity of the YouTube video cannot be confirmed, especially considering it leaked online yesterday on April Fools... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space Now In The EA Access Vault On Xbox One

    EA has added a second Xbox 360 game to its Vault. Visceral's Dead Space, which recently became backward compatible , is part of the monthly membership program on Xbox One. If you're an Xbox Live Gold member, you already have access to Dead Space. It's part of April's Games with Gold ... More
  • Blog Post: Grab Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault For Free On Origin

    When EA released Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault for PC in late 2004, it came out alongside a glut of World War II shooters. Despite being released in an oversaturated sub-genre, Pacific Assault trumped our expectations of it being just-another-WWII-shooter. You can now grab the game for free through... More
  • Blog Post: EA Adds Titanfall Deluxe Edition To Origin Access

    Titanfall Deluxe Edition has been added to Origin Access, EA's premier PC subscription service. All subscribers will now have unlimited access to the game in addition to the rest of the service's library. Titanfall Deluxe Edition includes all three of the game's DLC packs, which equals nine... More
  • Blog Post: EA Suffers Defeat As Supreme Court Declines First Amendment Hearing In Madden Likeness Case

    Just a few days after big news in the NCAA student-athlete likeness case , EA has suffered a defeat related to its other football game, Madden NFL. This time, it's a group of retired players nipping at the publisher's heels. In January 2015, the Ninth District court ruled that EA’s first... More
  • Blog Post: Lucasfilm Fuels Speculation By Filing Trademark For Shadow Trooper Toys And Games

    Lucasfilm filed papers to secure the trademark on “Shadow Trooper” last month. The application filed covers merchandising rights including toys, games, and even Christmas tree ornaments and stockings. Fans may remember the shadow trooper from Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. More recently, the... More
  • Blog Post: Star Wars Battlefront Will Soon Have Something Called ‘Hutt Contracts’

    One of the maps coming in the first paid Star Wars Battlefront brings the conflict to Jabba’s Palace. It seems the infamous Hutt will be featured soon, and what he brings appears to be free for all players. A brief trailer that popped up today mentions something called “Hutt Contracts.”... More
  • Blog Post: EA Announces First Free Content Update For Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

    PopCap Vancouver announced the first free content pack for Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 today. The Graveyard Variety Pack features a new map, missions, gameplay features, and balancing. It launches tomorrow, March 8. The trailer below provides a quick glimpse at some of the features the free DLC... More
  • Blog Post: EA Sports Releases Fighter Ratings For UFC 2

    EA Sports revealed the fighter ratings for each of the combatants in the upcoming UFC 2 today. The complete roster includes over 250 fighters. Featherweight champion Conor McGregor is the top-rated stand-up fighter, as well as the top rated featherweight combatant overall. Guest-star Mike Tyson’s... More
  • Blog Post: Your Next Star Wars Battlefront Hero Is… Nien Nunb?

    You might have been hoping for Chewbacca. Perhaps you’re holding out hope for Lando Calrissian. How about Grand Moff Tarkin, General Weiss, or even Wicket the Ewok? Nope. You get Nien Nunb. Who is Nien Nunb you ask? He’s a Sullustan that flew in the Millennium Falcon alongside Lando in Return... More
  • Blog Post: EA Appears To Have Moved Mass Effect From Holiday 2016 To Early 2017

    BioWare is apparently going to need a bit more time to take us back to the stars. EA chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen has commented that Mass Effect: Andromeda will be releasing during the company’s fourth quarter. He was speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference... More
  • Blog Post: Former EA Vice President Frank Gibeau Named New Zynga CEO

    Frank Gibeau, a former EA vice president who spent 20 years with the publisher, has a new role. He was named today as the new CEO of Zynga, with company founder Marc Pincus stepping down from the role once more. Prior to his appointment today, Gibeau served on Zynga’s board for seven months. Pincus... More
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