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  • Blog Post: PlayStation 4 Controller Removes Pressure Sensitive Buttons

    We've heard all about the new PlayStation 4 controller's added features, but it was recently revealed that at least one feature has been removed. On the PlayStation 2 and 3, the DualShock and Sixaxis controllers had pressure sensitive buttons, essentially offering multiple functions for each... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Reflects On Its PlayStation 2 Legacy

    Sony has a big announcement coming up on Wednesday, and in preparation, it is looking back on its history of hardware releases. You can see the first video here , and the video below looks at the success of the PlayStation 2. [via PlayStation Blog ] More
  • Blog Post: PS3 Jailbreak Software Integrated Into DualShock

    In response to Sony's recent PlayStation 3 firmware update that blocks USB jailbreaking, someone on the Internet has found a workaround by tweaking a standard controller. No one in the world is surprised about this. Someone under the name "hasuky" has hacked a DualShock to enable it to... More
  • Blog Post: Run For The Hills, PlayStation Move Has Lag

    A few days ago, Sony posted what they called “PlayStation Move: The Ultimate FAQ.” In addition to talking about whether you need to stand to play Move games (you don’t) or which colors the Move’s sphere can be (“any color”), it addressed something that’s bound... More
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