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  • Blog Post: Speculation About The Dark Side Of The Force In Star Wars: Rogue One

    The excellent teaser trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One paints a fairly complete picture. It gives us a good look at the state of the Rebel Alliance and the strength of the Empire. We are led to believe this is a story that focuses on Jyn Erso (played by Felicity Jones), a reckless outsider who has been... More
  • Blog Post: Find Out What BB-8 Has In Common With NASA’s Mars Rover

    Disney posted a video today of BB-8 visiting the NASA Jet Propulsion laboratory to meet Maggie, a Mars rover. Maggie is a double of Curiosity, the rover currently on Mars. Maggie is used to test operations and simulate missions before they’re carried out by Curiosity on the planet’s surface... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer Is Out, Setting A Very Different Tone

    Update: Disney and Lucasfilm have released the Star Wars: Rogue One trailer, and it's a doozy. As dark and dire as the main entries have been, they don't come close to the gritty, desperate tone set by our first look at the upcoming film. Check it out and let us know what you think: Original... More
  • Blog Post: One Of The Best Classic Star Wars Games, Rogue Squadron, Is Available On Steam

    Disney has been slowly dusting off the Star Wars video game back catalog, bringing older titles to contemporary gamers. Now that we've gotten past the junk (sorry, Star Wars: Rebellion), we can get some more of the good stuff. The latest game to hit Steam is 1998's Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel Comics Announces Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Prequel Series

    Marvel Comics will release a prequel series to the upcoming movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The limited series will include three issues and a one-shot and is scheduled to begin in October. The series was announced at C2E2 in Chicago this morning at the Diamond Comics Retailers Breakfast. No further... More
  • Blog Post: Take A Sneak Peek At The Force Awakens Documentary

    The Blu-ray and DVD versions of Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit retail stores on April 5. The discs are loaded with bonus content, including a video of the table reading, a number of deleted scenes, and features that dive into the creation of BB-8 and a variety of new creatures. Disney is also including... More
  • Blog Post: New Concept Images Of Disney's Star Wars Land Surface

    Star Wars Land was first revealed last August for Disneyland and Walt Disney World as the largest single-themed expansions in park history at 14 acres each. While that announcement brought with it a small batch of concept images, last night's special on ABC, The Wonderful World of Disney: Disneyland... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The First Episode Of Lego Star Wars: The Resistance Rises Now!

    If you were disappointed by the lack of attention C-3PO's red arm received in Star Wars: The Force Awakens , you'll want to check out Poe to the Rescue. It's the first episode of Lego Star Wars: The Resistance Rises , a new television series that serves as a prequel of sorts to The Force... More
  • Blog Post: Disney XD’s Lego Star Wars: The Resistance Rises Premieres Monday, February 15

    If you’ve been wondering about some of the events that led to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, your questions will be answered tomorrow. Sort of. As we mentioned in our coverage of Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the game includes some bridge content that connects Return of the Jedi to Episode... More
  • Blog Post: Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Coming To Disney XD This Summer

    A new animated Lego Star Wars television series was announced today. Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures is set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and will introduce new heroes and villains into the Star Wars universe. The tone of The Freemaker Adventures will be familiar to... More
  • Blog Post: Disney Delays Star Wars Episode VIII From Summer 2017 Until December

    Disney and Lucasfilm are about to Force choke your Summer 2017 plans. Episode VIII has been delayed until the end of next year. The film has been dated for December 15, which also happens to be the current release date for the film adaptation of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One . Also scheduled... More
  • Blog Post: A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Making Of The Force Awakens' VFX

    What kind of awards will Star Wars: The Force Awakens be nominated for at this year's Oscars? We'll find out tomorrow morning when the nominees are announced, but if a video posted on the Oscars' official YouTube channel is any indication, it looks like it's at least in consideration... More
  • Blog Post: Stream The Force Awakens Soundtrack For Free, Includes 13 Minutes Of Unreleased Music

    John Williams' brilliant score for Star Wars: The Force Awakens can be streamed for free on Disney's Awards Website. If you already own the soundtrack, you'll still want to listen, as this cut of it features 13 minutes of unreleased music not found on the CD or digital versions of it. John... More
  • Blog Post: One-Of-A-Kind Star Wars Toy Hits eBay For $150,000

    Called the "rarest and greatest Holy Grail action figure in the world" by eBay seller RareStarWarsToys , this packaged, rocket-firing Boba Fett action figure is one-of-a-kind. It never made it to production, and this very item was only seen once at a 1979 toy fair. To add it to your collection... More
  • Blog Post: The Mysterious Helmet In Force Awakens Belongs To...

    If you haven't seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet, turn back now. This article is loaded with SPOILERS and story-based information from the film. You've been warned. Writers J. J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan filled The Force Awakens ' script with Star Wars history that the theatergoer has... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Worlds Do You Want To See For Kingdom Hearts III?

    We got some new details about Kingdom Hearts III this morning , which prompts a common question for the franchise – what worlds do you want to see Sora visit? Pixar is under-represented in the game so far, and other tangential Disney franchises like Marvel and Star Wars are certainly exciting to... More
  • Blog Post: Disney Infinity's Star Wars: The Force Awakens Playset Gets Movie-Poster Treatment

    The Star Wars: The Force Awakens playset is coming to Disney Infinity 3.0 this Friday, and Disney Interactive and LucasFilm are preparing us all with a new image inspired by the film's poster art. It's not a complete reposing of the original , but it hits most of the same notes. The set arrives... More
  • Blog Post: Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy Offers Spark Of Hope For Canceled Star Wars: 1313

    When Disney closed LucasArts in 2013 , one of the projects dropped to the cutting room floor was the highly anticipated Star Wars: 1313. We don’t know if that was just a project name for the prototype footage shown the year before at E3, but it quickly became something fans were excited about.... More
  • Blog Post: Carrie Fisher Jokes About The "Slave Leia" Merchandise Controversy

    Carrie Fisher is currently making the press rounds for her forthcoming film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens , and has been amusing as ever in many of her interviews, but hasn't revealed much about the role General Leia Organa will play 30-some years after the events of Return of the Jedi. Talking with... More
  • Blog Post: Kingdom Hearts Almost Got An Animated Show Adaption

    According to a new video from Did You Know Gaming, Disney pursued a Kingdom Hearts animated show at one time, and it looks like Star Wars may have a place in the series' future. You can check out the video to learn about the animated Kingdom Hearts show, and why Disney and Square Enix decided to... More
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