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  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Do You Enjoy Brutally Challenging Games?

    Next week, Dark Souls III is releasing in North America. The RPG series is, of course, notoriously known for its brutal difficulty, which is one of the game's biggest hooks for some. Do you enjoy hard games? I think the only genre where I really appreciate brutal difficulty is with platformers. Probably... More
  • Blog Post: Rock Band 4 Gets Difficulty Mode That’s Harder Than Expert

    If you’ve played Rock Band until your fingers are blue and now find yourself churning through Expert guitar solos in your sleep, then Rock Band 4’s newest difficulty setting might give you a run for your money. IGN has the scoop on Rock Band 4’s new difficulty mode. Apparently, Brutal... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Do You Enjoy Really Difficult Games?

    Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC comes out tomorrow, and as Dan Tack says in his review , it serves up the game's most challenging content yet. Does that make you want to run out and buy it, or simply run away? From Software is notorious for making unforgivingly difficult games, but for a niche... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What's Your Preferred Difficulty Setting?

    With Dark Souls II on store shelves (and in the hands of those brave enough), the conversation once again turns to difficulty. Are you typically an extreme challenge fiend or do your prefer easier sailing? The Souls series tempts players that typically play on lower difficulties, because it is considered... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Will Patch God of War: Ascension To Address Difficulty Issues

    Many, including Game Informer's Joe Juba, felt God of War: Ascension's Trials of Archimedes level was far too difficult. Today, the game's director Todd Papy says Sony Santa Monica is patching the game to fix the difficulty. In Joe Juba's review of the game, he wrote: "Nowhere in... More
  • Blog Post: Catherine’s Difficulty To Be Addressed In Patch

    Atlus’ intriguing action-adventure/puzzle game Catherine released in Japan last week, and evidently gamers are finding the title a tad too difficult. Andriasang reports that complaints about the difficulty level began to flood in after the game hit retail, indicating that it was too hard even on... More
  • Blog Post: Ninja Gaiden III To Be "Less Demanding" Than Previous Games

    In a recent interview with IGN , Team Ninja studio head Yosuke Hayashi discussed how Ninja Gaiden III's difficulty will compare to its demanding predecessors. "We are trying to design the game so that anyone can take on the game and experience the action. You can expect it to be less demanding... More
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