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  • Blog Post: New Releases This Week: February 15 Through February 21

    Oh, the weather outside is frightful, especially if you are living in the Northeast. Thankfully, there are some great games from last week, and even more coming this week. Sony's first major exclusive for the year hits retail and digital this week. The Order: 1886, developed by Ready at Dawn, will... More
  • Blog Post: Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Head To PS4 And Xbox One

    Most of us are busy paying attention to PAX, but during a Japan Gamer's Live event this weekend, Koei Tecmo announced a new entry in the Dead or Alive fighting game series, entitled Last Round. Tecmo Koei producer Yosuke Hayashi revealed that Dead or Alive 5: Last Round would released next spring... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Costume Packs Come With Free Tecmo Bowl Throwback

    Tecmo is celebrating 500,000 downloads of the free-to-play Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate Core Fighters with new, sports-themed costumes and free copies of Tecmo Bowl Throwback . The costumes are available across platforms, but only PS3 users get the free football. The new costumes put Bass, Bayman, Leon... More
  • Blog Post: Get New Costumes For Pre-Ordering Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate

    Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate – the upgraded version of the already released DOA 5 – is marked with new modes and character-customization options, and now those of you who pre-order the game can get exclusive costume packs for select characters. If you pre-order the game at either GameStop or... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Or Alive 5 Update Promises Swimsuits; Island

    Dead or Alive 5's 1.03 update is now live for PS3 players and is coming in the future for Xbox 360 fighters, and it features new gameplay tweaks, Zack Island, and swimsuit DLC packs. The update (not available for Xbox 360 players until January 29) features: General Updates Combat balancing and new... More
  • Blog Post: Dead or Alive 5 Plus Features Vita Versus PS3 Multiplayer

    Team Ninja is bringing a lot of cross-platform functionality to its Vita port of Dead or Alive 5, including Vita vs. PS3 matches and DLC that works for both systems for one price. While we weren't especially fond of DOA 5, the effort that's gone into allowing users to have a seamless experience... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Or Alive 5 Influenced By Uncharted's Falling Mechanics

    CVG recently posted an interview with Dead or Alive 5's Yosuke Hayashi and among the many interesting tidibts about the game's development, was the influence Uncharted had the latest release. Surprisingly, it's not the excellent facial animation or high-quality voice acting that Dead or Alive... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Or Alive 5 3D Mousepads On The Way

    Right now they are only available for pre-order in Japan, but you could always import one. How else are you going to prevent carpal tunnel? Thanks to Teng Chang for the news tip! [via Anime News Network ] More
  • Blog Post: Dead Or Alive 5 Character Skin Codes Giveaway Has Ended

    We've given out all of our character skin codes. Congratulations for those who received one, and keep an eye out for any similar contests in the future. Original Story We have 40 Dead or Alive 5 character skin codes to give away, and one of them could be yours. The skins include angels, devils, swimsuits... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Or Alive 5 Fighter Chronicles Episode 3 Covers The Stages

    In the latest episode of Dead or Alive 5's Fighter Chronicles, which are basically developer diaries, Team Ninja talks about creating its dynamic fighting stages. Everything breaks, falls apart, and becomes dangerous mid-fight in Dead or Alive 5. The video below shows the game's developers talk... More
  • Blog Post: How To Market Dead Or Alive 5: Swimsuits

    The Don Drapers over at Tecmo have figured out the perfect way to market Dead Or Alive 5. The answer is swimsuits. Check out the eyepatch-sized swimwear that the women in Team Ninja's new fighting game will be wearing when you order the game's collector's edition. “The Dead or Alive... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Or Alive 5 Gets New Characters, Tag Mode

    Team NINJA revealed this video that shows off the new characters and game mode. In the vignette, newcomers Tina and Jann Lee square off in Tag Mode on a returning fan favorite stage. Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments. Dead or Alive 5 is set to hit shelves September... More
  • Blog Post: Tecmo Reveals Dead Or Alive Collector's Edition, Preorder Bonuses

    Tecmo Koei have revealed preorder bonuses for the upcoming Dead or Alive 5, as well as details on its collector's edition. Players who spring for the $79.99 collector's edition get the game, an art book, soundtrack CD, poster, and a set of swimsuits for all of Dead or Alive's (female) cast... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Or Alive 5 Has A Release Date

    Dead or Alive 5 is coming in a few short months. The game will be releasing for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 25. Update: Check out the new screens from E3 below. To see more about the above screenshot, but receive no explanation about why Zack is dressed as a clown, click here . More
  • Blog Post: Team Ninja Head Wants To Class-Up Studio's Image & Games

    Under former studio boss Tomonobu Itagaki, Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive developer Team Ninja carved out a reputation that included buxom female characters and violent action. However, new Team Ninja leader Yosuke Hayashi says he wants to move away from the simple use of sex and violence. In an exclusive... More
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