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  • Blog Post: CD Projekt Red, Dark Horse Comics Releasing Witcher Companion Book

    CD Projekt Red and Dark Horse Comics have announced a companion book for the series, called The World of the Witcher . The 184-page hardcover is filled with art from the game, as well as background information on the places, creatures, and weapons that Geralt has and will encounter in his travels. "Dark... More
  • Blog Post: Naughty Dog Celebrates 30th Anniversary With Retrospective Art Book

    Naughty Dog, the studio that's created such hit franchises as Crash Bandicoot and Uncharted, turns 30 this year. In honor of this anniversary, it's releasing a new art book that looks back at the studio's past. Naughty Dog was founded in 1984 by Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin. Though the founders... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon Age Comic Hitting In May For Just $1

    On May 21, a one-shot of Dark Horse's Dragon Age: The Silent Grove comic series hits store shelves for the low, low price of $1. This canonical story – penned by BioWare's David Gaider – originally released in 2012 as a digital comic and was later collected in a hardcover edition... More
  • Blog Post: Three Bethesda Art Books Coming

    Bethesda and Dark Horse Comics are teaming up for three art books based on Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Evil Within, and Dishonored. First up is The Art of Wolfenstein: The New Order on May 14 for comic book retailers and other retail outlets on May 27. The Art of The Evil Within and Dishonored: The... More
  • Blog Post: New Tomb Raider Comic In February, Writer Confirms Sequel

    In an interview with writer Gail Simone ( Deadpool , Batgirl ), new information has been revealed about an upcoming Tomb Raider comic book. If you enjoyed the story and characterization in Square Enix's reboot, then this should be some good news. Speaking with Kotaku , Simone revealed that the story... More
  • Blog Post: Tali Revealed As Mass Effect: Homeworlds' Second Character

    The second issue of Dark Horse Comics' Mass Effect: Homeworlds, a monthly comic series that focuses on a different character in each issue, will tell a story from Tali'Zorah's past. I'm hoping we get to see what Tali looks like under the mask in Mass Effect 3, but this side story should... More
  • Blog Post: Prototype Morphing Into A Digital Comic Series

    One of the trickier parts of a sequel can be explaining how the events of the previous story line up with the new one. Radical Entertainment is tackling that challenge with help from Dark Horse Comics. An upcoming digital comic series will explain how players moved from Alex Mercer's story to new... More
  • Blog Post: Check Out Four Amazing Mass Effect: Invasion Covers

    Dark Horse Comics' upcoming Mass Effect: Invasion comic series hits store shelves on October 19. This series is penned by Mac Walters and John Jackson Miller, and features interior art from Omar Francia. The four covers shown here are from artists Massimo Carnevale and Paul Renaud, and will accompany... More
  • Blog Post: Dark Horse To Release Valve Comic Strip Collection

    This fall Dark Horse Comics will release Valve Presents: The Sacrifice and Other Steam-Powered Stories, a book compiling Valve's promotional comic strips. The book is mostly comprised of Left 4 Dead 2's online strip for The Sacrifice, however there will be comics for Team Fortress 2 and Portal... More
  • Blog Post: Exclusive Preview Of Final Mass Effect: Evolution Comic

    As part of our month-long coverage on Mass Effect 3, we've secured an exclusive look at the final issue of Mass Effect: Evolution , which covers part of the human/turian war and reveals the backstory of the Illusive Man. For those unfamiliar with Mass Effect: Evolution , the four-part series takes... More
  • Blog Post: Dungeon Siege III Expanding Its Lore With Help From Dark Horse Comics

    Square Enix has announced the seemingly inevitable comic book tie-in for its upcoming dungeon crawler, Dungeon Siege III. The partnership with Dark Horse Comics will give players added insight into Obsidian Entertainment's game via three new web comics. The comics are a collaboration between writer... More
  • Blog Post: Learn The Origin Of The Illusive Man In Mass Effect: Evolution

    On January 19, Dark Horse Comics is putting the spotlight on the life of the universe's most mysterious chain smoker. Mass Effect fans will see if their trust or disdain for this character is justified in Dark Horse's limited miniseries Mass Effect: Evolution . This story is penned by Mass Effect... More
  • Blog Post: The Sith Rise In Star Wars: The Old Republic Comic

    A new Sith-centric story kicks off in the fourth issue of Dark Horse's Star Wars: The Old Republic series. Sith Teneb Kel is a slave who aspires for power, but he must first prove his worth if he wishes to ascend the Dark Council ranks. The task laid out before him turns allies to enemies. Teneb... More
  • Blog Post: New Mass Effect Comic Details The Origin Of The Illusive Man

    He has a nice chair. He smokes way too much. What else do you know about the Illusive Man? Don't put too much thought into it. Everyone has their own theory on this mysterious Mass Effect character, and there's little chance we'll know who he truly is until Mass Effect 3 hits store shelves... More
  • Blog Post: Star Wars: The Old Republic Begins Today

    ...in comic books. The first chapter in Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars: The Old Republic prequel story hit store shelves today. With a first storyline titled "Threat of Peace," the comic is meant to build up some of the storylines that players will be experiencing in the upcoming game from... More
  • Blog Post: Have An iPhone? Read Mass Effect Redemption Free

    Interested in reading Dark Horse’s Mass Effect comic? What if it was free? Today, and today only, the digital version of Mass Effect Redemption #1 is available as a free download for all iPhone owners. The first issue of the comic takes place somewhere between the events of Mass Effect 1 and 2... More
  • Blog Post: Free Look At The First Six Pages Of The Mass Effect Comic

    Everyone will be playing Mass Effect 2 on January 23rd , but if you want to get a head start be sure to read Dark Horse’s Mass Effect Redemption hitting comic shelves on January 6th. The comic actually looks promising, thanks to the fact that its being helmed by BioWare’s Lead Writer Mac... More
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