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  • Blog Post: Borderlands' Nisha And Claptrap Available Now As Free Dance Central: Spotlight Dancers

    Harmonix announced today the culmination of a strange partnership with Gearbox that has brought Borderlands' Nisha the Lawbringer and Claptrap to Dance Central: Spotlight as playable dancers. Accessing the characters is free and uses the thought-forgotten art of video game cheat codes. On the character... More
  • Blog Post: Dance Central Spotlight Out Today On Xbox One

    It was only early this summer that Harmonix announced Dance Central Spotlight, but the day of release has arrived. The Kinect-exclusive downloadable game is available right now on Xbox One. The base version of the game costs $10 and includes 10 songs, including "Royals" by Lorde, "Counting... More
  • Blog Post: Harmonix Has Plans To Revive Rock Band And Dance Central Franchises

    At PAX East, Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos said that the company has not given up on its two most successful past franchises. During his keynote address at PAX East, Alex Rigopulos said the company has "grand plans" to revive the dormant series. He did not talk specifics, but did say that he... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Harmonix Server Back Online After Hack

    Update: After a hack last week, Harmonix servers for RockBand.com, DanceCentral.com, and HarmonixMusic.com have been restored. Players should now login and reset their passwords. Harmonix also released the following apology: Thanks so much for being loyal Harmonix fans over the years. For those of you... More
  • Blog Post: Dance Central 3 DLC Ends In March

    Last February, Harmonix announced it will be discontinuing its long-running Rock Band DLC in April. Today the company says the near weekly drip-feed of Dance Central DLC will also be ending come March. According to the Dance Central website , the talented folks responsible for choreographing new tracks... More
  • Blog Post: Dance Central 3 Release Date Announced

    Dance Central 3 features a tracklist that includes contemporary hits to old-school classics. The tunes are consistent with the game's time-travel theme ( seriously ), and today Harmonix has revealed a whole new batch of 'em. Harmonix also revealed the release date for the game. It ships on October... More
  • Blog Post: Rock Band Dev Tackling PSN, XBLA, Facebook

    The next game from the creators of Rock Band appears to be a download-only title for consoles and Facebook. First spotted by superannuation , the resume for game designer Brian Chan lists an unannounced project from Harmonix is currently in development for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and Facebook... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Does The Kinect Still Matter? Did It Ever Matter?

    The Kinect is an amazing piece of technology. It responds to your voice and body movements, and it helps blind people see ( sort of ). When it comes to playing games though, the very thing it was designed to do, has anything really blown you away? Has anything you’ve seen made you run out and buy... More
  • Blog Post: Entire Dance Central Catalog On Sale To Celebrate Dance Central 2

    If you're planning to pick up the solid sequel to Harmonix's Kinect-based dancing game, Microsoft has a great deal for you. Major Nelson reports every single downloadable track released for the original Dance Central is now on sale on Xbox Live. Most of these tracks are available in packs rather... More
  • Blog Post: Timbaland And The Pussycat Dolls Headed to Dance Central

    The latest downloadable additions to the Dance Central catalog add three more tracks to the constantly growing library. The new tracks listed below will release tomorrow for 240 Microsoft Points each, which translates to $3. The Pussycat Dolls ft. Busta Rhymes - “Don’t Cha” Rupee –... More
  • Blog Post: Harmonix Working On Smartphone Apps

    A little over a month ago, Rock Band and Dance Central creator, Harmonix, trademarked the name VidRhythm. However, the studio left fans wondering what this mystery project could be. Finally, CEO Alex Rigopulos has shed some light on the project, revealing that it’s an iOS app. Harmonix co-founder... More
  • Blog Post: New Dance Central DLC Will Make You Get Up, Get Busy

    Today Harmonix announced three new tracks for Dance Central from James Brown, Sean Paul, and Lloyd, available for download next week. The new tracks include James Brown's 1970 funk classic "Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine, Pt. 1," Sean Paul's 2002 hit "Get Busy,"... More
  • Blog Post: This Kid Will Own You In Dance Central

    Anyone who is even remotely familiar with me knows I love Dance Central. I've wiped the floor with the entire Game Informer staff and can make my way through Hard mode blindfolded. Ok, I lied. I can't play blindfolded, but I can hold my own without the flash cards. After a long search for worthy... More
  • Blog Post: Do A Little Dance With Discounted Dance Central DLC

    To celebrate the reveal of Dance Central 2 at E3 last week, Harmonix has announced that downloadable tracks for the original Dance Central will be discounted starting now through Monday, June 20th. If you've been holding out on picking up new tracks, now's the time to take advantage of the following... More
  • Blog Post: Witness The Only E3 2011 Marriage Proposal That I Know Of

    E3 is a time of magic and wonder for gamers across the world, but for one lucky couple, this year's show was also a time of romance. The fine folks at Harmonix sent along a link to the following video on their YouTube page. In the video, avid gamer Mike -- who won a trip to E3 through a contest ... More
  • Blog Post: Harmonix Announcing New Game At E3

    In a recent email invite to the "Harmonix E3 Spectacular," the company reveals that a new title is on the way. The party, which takes place the night of June 7, is meant to "celebrate the announcement of our latest title with the best and brightest in the industry." The invite also... More
  • Blog Post: Fergie, Snow, N.E.R.D. Headed To Dance Central

    Dance Central DLC keeps on rolling out with tracks from Fergie, Snow, and N.E.R.D. These new dance tracks will be available in the in-game store for download starting tomorrow! As per usual, each track will be broken down on Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulties, with Break It Down, Perform It!, and Dance... More
  • Blog Post: Tone Loc, Justice, Dem Franchize Boyz Hoofing It Over To Dance Central

    If the pools of sweat on your basement floor are in jeopardy of drying out, fear not. Harmonix has announced that a new batch of DLC is slated for Dance Central this week. On April 19, you'll be able to add three new singles to the Kinect game, featuring songs within shouting distance of the number... More
  • Blog Post: Four New DLC Songs For Dance Central

    There may not be many good new Kinect games coming out soon, but at least the best game using the peripheral is keeping you occupied. Harmonix has announced that tomorrow it is bringing four new DLC songs to Dance Central for 240 Microsoft Points per song: Fatboy Slim – "Weapon of Choice"... More
  • Blog Post: Rumor: Activision Developing Dance Hero Title

    It's been a tough year for Activision games that contain the word "Hero" in the title, but now rumors are circulating that the company is working on Dance Hero, a new franchise that emulates such successful series as Ubisoft's Just Dance and Harmonix's Dance Central. According to... More
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