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  • Blog Post: Surprise! Mew-Genics Is A Game About Cats

    Team Meat has finally dished out some details about its upcoming indie game Mew-Genics, which sounds like a cross between The Sims, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing. Team Meat has been teasing Mew-Genics for weeks now, but it hasn't been clear about what the game is really about. However, in a recent... More
  • Blog Post: Seen At Tokyo Game Show 2012: The Final Reckoning

    During the weekend, TGS is a crazy mess. People are herded through the doors like cattle at Tokyo Game and Cattle Show. At one point someone bumped into me and then gave me a nasty look like it was my fault. I was going to say, "Hey man! You bumped into me!" But he was already walking away... More
  • Blog Post: Seen At Tokyo Game Show 2012: Day Two

    Back by popular demand! You told us that you wanted more, so here is a look at more of the stupid Pokémon crap we saw at TGS 2012. Rockstar can't make it to E3, Gamescom, or PAX, but it makes a special trip to TGS to show off its most Japanese centric title More than any other show we attended... More
  • Blog Post: Seen At Tokyo Game Show 2012: Day One

    The other day we woke up in Japan, so we figured we'd check out this cool curry place in the basement of the Tokyo Game Show. Here's the stuff we saw on the way to lunch. Outside of the convention center we saw some posters for a new Japanese boy band called PlayStation A shot of the show from... More
  • Blog Post: This Game Of Tetris Will Blow Your Mind

    We've all seen our share of amazing gaming prowess on YouTube, but this one just might take the cake. I came across this on YouTube recently. It was originally posted by Arika (developers of the Street Fighter EX series) I've watched it several times, and I'm still blown away. The video description... More
  • Blog Post: AR Games For 3DS Has Our Heads Spinning

    If you don’t have extra cash for a game on March 27 when Nintendo’s 3DS launches, you’ll still be able to kill time with the pack-in title AR Games. AR Games comes with a set of cards that players will need to lay out in front of them. When a player views these cards through their 3DS’s... More
  • Blog Post: Swiss Condemn Video Games For Fictional War Crimes

    Switzerland must not have a lot going on these days. According to the BBC , two Swiss human rights organizations, Trial and Pro Juventute, commissioned a study looking into whether or not video games permit players to commit war crimes. The searing analysis targeted games like Call of Duty, Battlefield... More
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