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  • Blog Post: Humble Bundle Teams With Sega To Delivery A Mountain Of Strategy

    If you’re hungry for strategy games, but your wallet is a bit starved, the latest Humble Bundle might be the perfect solution. The pay-what-you-want platform has teamed with Sega to offer a tactical tasting. Even if you only spend a single dollar, you’re getting a great bundle of games, including... More
  • Blog Post: See Visualizations Of Mouse Movement For Games Like Minecraft And Team Fortress 2

    Reddit user Gking19 tracked the movement of his mouse for a number of games, and the results are surprisingly striking. Above you will see a visualization for Minecraft, but Gking19 also did tracking for Agar.io, Company of Heroes, Team Fortress 2, and Ultimate General: Gettysburg. You can see them all... More
  • Blog Post: The Long Dark Aims To Deliver A True Survival Experience

    With an impressive team of veteran game designers at the helm, Hinterland aims to deliver a mature, realistic survival experience with The Long Dark. The game is currently accepting pledges on its Kickstarter to create the game. The team has a huge resume of work on well-respected video games including... More
  • Blog Post: Former Blizzard And Sony Executives Open Molten Games

    Paul Della Bitta, former global head of e-sports and community at Blizzard, Jungwon Hahn former head of Blizzard's Korean office, and Blaine Smith, who has a history in the Company of Heroes and God of War franchises, have come together to create Molten Games. The new studio doesn't have any... More
  • Blog Post: Company of Heroes Closed Beta Starts April 2

    Pre-order customers get first crack at the upcoming real-time strategy title from Relic and new parent company Sega. The beta includes six maps supporting symmetrical competitive matches from 1v1 to 4v4 against other players or the AI, as well as the first 40 levels of progression through the metagame... More
  • Blog Post: Where Is The Best Home For THQ's Various Properties?

    If you had to pick a home for Darksiders, Saints Row, and the rest of THQ's game library, where would it be? This is a serious question facing fans of THQ franchises considering each of them will be on the auction block come January 22. Warner Bros. Interactive, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft are all... More
  • Blog Post: Company Of Heroes 2 Gets Collector's Edition And Pre-Order Bonuses

    If you were already interested in buying Company of Heroes 2, you'll like what publisher THQ has cooked up. If you pre-order the game from "participating retailers" (THQ's press release does not specify which ones) receive two vehicle skins, with "selected retailers" (again... More
  • Blog Post: Relic Designer’s Widow Thanks Community For Donations

    On September 3, Company of Heroes Online designer Brian Wood was killed in an auto accident that took the lives of two of his passengers. Wood was driving his wife and friends to his Washington home when his vehicle was struck by another car. Before he died, Wood steered the car to put himself directly... More
  • Blog Post: Company Of Heroes Online Open Beta Starts

    You can play this upcoming free game for free, right now! Kidding aside, Company of Heroes Online is being done by series creator Relic, and even this pre-launch version is already the best free RTS experience to be found. That may be a lot of caveats, but hey -- free is free. COHO is more or less the... More
  • Blog Post: Company of Heroes Goes Free-To-Play

    THQ announced the upcoming Company of Heroes Online today and sent along screens and a teaser trailer (below) to show it off. Its September release will put the franchise's lauded World War II RTS gameplay online, for free, with cash microtransactions on the side. The press release touts the game's... More
  • Blog Post: Makers Of Company Of Heroes Tease New Game With Comic

    Company of Heroes was one of the best RTS titles of 2006 , so we’re eager to learn what anyone who worked on that project is up to now. Part of the Heroes team has split off to form their own studio Smoking Gun Interactive , and while the company isn’t ready to talk about its game yet, it... More
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