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  • Blog Post: Dark Horse And Wargaming Team Up For World Of Tanks Comic

    Dark Horse Comics and Wargaming team up to bring a new comic series to life based on the free-to-play MMO World of Tanks. It will be available this fall. World of Tanks: Roll Out! is set during WWII, particularly focusing on tank battles that occurred in summer 1944 between British and German armored... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel Comics Announces Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Prequel Series

    Marvel Comics will release a prequel series to the upcoming movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The limited series will include three issues and a one-shot and is scheduled to begin in October. The series was announced at C2E2 in Chicago this morning at the Diamond Comics Retailers Breakfast. No further... More
  • Blog Post: Take A First Look At The Upcoming Comic Series Assassin’s Creed: Templars

    A new ongoing Assassin’s Creed series from Titan Comics will be released later this month. Templars will be the second monthly series from the publisher set in the Assassin’s Creed universe. Assassin’s Creed: Templars is set in Shanghai in 1927. The conflict between the Chinese Communist... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel Games Celebrates Women Of Power This Month With New Characters And Content

    Starting this month, Marvel is releasing new content and characters starring some of comics’ most powerful women. The “Women of Power” movement spotlights Marvel’s popular female characters and is being spread across Marvel games, comics, collectibles, and more. The Women of Power... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Releases Turbulent 'Powers' Season Two Trailer

    Sony's comic book-inspired television show Powers was renewed for a second season back in May, and is set to debut some time in 2016. While Sony hasn't nailed down a release date just yet, it has unveiled the season's first trailer, which you can watch right here. The trailer highlights the... More
  • Blog Post: [UPDATE] Hasbro Announces Transformers 'Prime Wars' Trilogy Across Toys, Comics, And Video Games

    Update: An Activision spokesperson has provided us with the following statement regarding this news: Activision’s Transformers: Devastation console title presents a game specific prequel story that dovetails with the expanded Combiner War story arc told in the IDW comic book series. As the Transformers... More
  • Blog Post: Archie Comics Releasing The Art Of Sonic The Hedgehog Comics This Fall

    Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog comic series is getting a book celebrating its artwork this October. The series, which is recognized by Guinness World Records as the longest-running comic series based on a video game franchise, has been in production since November, 1992. The Art of Sonic the Hedgehog... More
  • Blog Post: A Quick History Of Stan Lee...Yeah The Man

    Stan Lee has pretty much become a cultural institution. Even if you don't read comics, you probably know why he's famous. Here's a quick rundown of one of America's most important people. Lore in a Minute! gives us a quick overview of Stan Lee's life. For more fun comic book content... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What's Your Ideal Marvel Game?

    Marvel is on top of the entertainment business. The comic book company seems to have conquered movies and television (yeah, and comics). And while it has a selection of great video games too, there is definitely room for improvement here. What would be your ideal Marvel-based video game? I think the... More
  • Blog Post: Blizzard Teases Hearthstone Fans With Incredible Avengers Art

    We never even dreamed that we've get Marvel's Avengers-themed cards in Blizzard's online collectable card game Hearthstone, but now that Blizzard is teasing us with such a crossover, we want them! The Official Hearthstone twitter account recently tweeted out an awesome image of what Marvel's... More
  • Blog Post: Watch A Good Version Of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Mad Max. Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Avengers: Age of Ultron. Terminator Genisys. Ant Man. There seems to be no shortage of awesome action movie trailers lately. You can add Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to that list. The first trailer for the 2016 film is officially out. You might have already... More
  • Blog Post: Find Out If The Mortal Kombat X Comic Is Worth Your Time

    Today marks the release of Mortal Kombat X on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. As you may have already seen in our review , it’s worth your time. But if you’re in it for the story, you might want to dive deeper. The Mortal Kombat X story picks up long after the close of Mortal Kombat 9. Instead... More
  • Blog Post: Final Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer Includes Some New Material

    We’re less than a month out from the next Marvel film, and the Avengers are starting to assemble. This latest trailer is going to look familiar if you’ve been following along recently. We promise there are some new moments, though. This trailer punches up the one-liners and humor, while also... More
  • Blog Post: The Avengers Assemble (And Duke It Out) In Latest Trailer

    The Avengers: Age of Ultron is due out in movie theaters on May 1. That doesn’t mean you have to hold back the hype until that long, though. Marvel has released a third trailer that depicts a near-hopeless situation. Tony Stark has created a “suit of armor” intended to surround the... More
  • Blog Post: Level-5 Teaming Up With Hasbro To Bring The Popular In Japan Yo-Kai Watch To North America

    We probably won't see the results of this partnership until 2016, but plans are in motion to bring the hugely popular in Japan Yo-Kai Watch to North America. Yo-Kai Watch is somewhat similar to Pokémon in both concept and popularity. Level-5's 3DS Yo-Kai Watch games have sold more than... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel’s Star Wars #1 Hits Comic Shops Today

    With the torch passed from Dark Horse Comics to Marvel, a new era of Star Wars has begun. Today marks the launch of Marvel’s first ongoing series in LucasFilm’s galaxy far, far away. The story takes place between the battle of Yavin and the Rebel Alliance’s encampment on the ice world... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel Re-Lists Dark Horse Star Wars Comics Under Its Own Name

    Remember last month when we told you that time was running out to get Dark Horse’s Star Wars comics in digital form? It turns out that was only partially true. It was just the last chance to get them with the Dark Horse name and logo. Marvel today re-listed a number of Dark Horse’s comics... More
  • Blog Post: Issue #1 Of Mortal Kombat X Ready To "Get Over Here!"

    The Mortal Kombat series didn't begin with an emphasis on story, but developer NetherRealm Studios steadily built out the lore as the series matured. The simple framework of a tournament set on Earthrealm has evolved into Mortal Kombat X's narrative, which involves the disruption of a hard-won... More
  • Blog Post: Dark Horse Digital Star Wars Comics Are On Sale Until They Disappear In Two Days

    Earlier this year, Disney announced that Marvel (also owned by the House of Mouse) will take over responsibility for Star Wars comics . That means that Dark Horse’s time with the property, which began in 1990, is coming to a close after nearly 24 years. As a send-off, the publisher is offering... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel And DC Comic Heroes Have An Epic Throw Down

    The Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man and the rest of the Marvel Universe face off against Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and that dope with the green ring in this epic trailer for a film that that is about as likely to release in theaters as The Interview . If you have a love for comics or epic battles then... More
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