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  • Blog Post: Seen At Comic Con 2013 Recap

    San Diego Comic Con isn't just a single day – it's a four day affair. That's four times as many days as a single day event. But you're not here for math. Here are some of the crazy things we saw during this year's show. "There is a bird on the top of that building,"... More
  • Blog Post: Seen At Comic Con 2013 Day One

    Over the years, San Diego Comic Con has taken on a larger, more festival-like atmosphere. Take a visual tour with us through the sights and sounds of this year's show (sounds not pictured). PopCap's booth features a series of giant Munny figures designed by various artists. The company will be... More
  • Blog Post: Copperhead Joins The Batman: Arkham Origins Cast

    During a panel at Comic Con, Warner Bros. and DC Comics revealed that the obscure villain Copperhead would be in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins game. Not many people are familiar with the Batman villain Copperhead. This awkward snake-like villain first appeared in the comics in the ’60. However... More
  • Blog Post: Get The Comic Con Experience With Two New Themed Games

    San Diego Comic Con starts this week, but if you're missing out on the action, you can check it out for yourself with this duo of new Comic Con-themed games. The first game (pictured below) is a free iOS arcade game called Comic-Con Star Stalker . Developed by The Devastator, Star Stalker is a 2D... More
  • Blog Post: Comic-Con 2013 Attendees Have Exclusive First Look At Upcoming Nintendo Titles

    The advantages are many for the lucky, relatively few who get to attend San Diego Comic-Con. This year, attendees of Nerd Nirvana will even be able to play upcoming Nintendo titles well before release dates. Pikmin 3 , The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD , Bayonetta 2 , and Sonic Lost World are among... More
  • Blog Post: Domino To Appear In Deadpool Video Game

    Domino, a character who has made frequent appearances in Deadpool comics, will be making her video game debut in the upcoming High Moon Studios developed Deadpool video game. High Moon Studios, the developer best known for its work on the recent Transformers games (War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron... More
  • Blog Post: Week in Review: 7/6/12

    Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. But if you do, you can always read this Week in Review column and catch up on all the big video game news you slept on. Sony Surprises Sony dominated the industry news this week. The most notable announcement... More
  • Blog Post: 3DS Expansion Slide Pad To Migrate West?

    Last month , Nintendo announced the 3DS’s funky second analog expander – called the 3DS Expansion Slide Pad – would release in Japan in December. Looks like it’s also coming to the States. No specific U.S. release has been given for the device – and Nintendo hasn't made... More
  • Blog Post: Seen At Comic Con: Day Four

    Sunday, A.K.A. family day, is a hectic time. The panels aren't always interesting, but there is plenty going on across the show floor, and plenty of deals to take advantage of as vendors try to clear out their inventories. Check out our highlights from the final day of San Diego's Comic-Con.... More
  • Blog Post: Seen At Comic Con: Day Three

    Saturdays are often the busiest and most crowded at San Diego Comic-Con. Check out our picks from a day navigating the geeky masses. Awesome steampunk Flash Who shot first, settled with a draw Outside live sword fights are on display Kre-O sounds like a lame LEGO knockoff, but we want to see the size... More
  • Blog Post: Seen At Comic Con: Day Two

    Traveling the halls of Comic-Con 2011 is no joke. People get hurt trying to navigate the crowds every year. Take a virtual tour of the show floor from the comfort of your own home. This you want to come to the show? You might change your might after you see the size of some of the lines Coolest Cos-play... More
  • Blog Post: Seen At Comic Con: Day One

    GI traveled the floor at San Diego Comic Con, so you don't have to. A friendly welcome Girls! This guys is watching TV the wrong way A shot of Nintendo's Comic-Con lounge Nintendo made its guests sit on giant bananas Something Nintendo drew on the floor. So much for the deposit Another shot of... More
  • Blog Post: Seen At Comic Con: Preview Night

    GI has landed in San Diego and is taking in the sights and sounds of San Diego Comic-Con 2011. Check out our gallery of today’s snaps from the show floor, demos, and industry parties. Wish you were here (not really, that would just make it more crowded.) Comic-Con doesn't officially start until... More
  • Blog Post: See Square Enix At Comic Con

    If you're going to Comic Con later this week, you can visit Square Enix to check out the company's upcoming games, along with two panels that give insight into Deus Ex and Dead Island. According to a press release, Square Enix's Comic Con lineup includes playable demos of Final Fantasy XIII... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel Vs. Capcom News Coming At Comic-Con Panel

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3 director/producer Ryota Niitsuma will be hosting a panel at Comic-Con, and a surprise has been teased on the schedule . It reads, "Come to this panel to hear the fantastic news about this legendary fighting game franchise straight from producer Ryota Niitsuma." It mentions... More
  • Blog Post: New James Bond Title To Be Announced At Comic Con

    Activision isn’t one to sit on a license for too long. It’s been only a little over six months since the company released James Bond 007: Blood Stone, but rumor has it that we’ll be catching our first glimpse of the next James Bond title later this month, during San Diego Comic Con... More
  • Blog Post: DC Universe Online Drops November 2

    What better place to announce the release date of your comic book-themed MMO than at a comic-themes convention? Yesterday at a panel for DC Universe Online, comic writer Jim Lee announced the DC Universe Online's November 2 release date. It was also revealed that the game will not require a PSN+... More
  • Blog Post: Two New Contenders For Super Street Fighter IV Arcade

    So much Street Fighter news! Earlier this week there were murmurings that new characters would be hitting the arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV. Today at Comic Con, Capcom confirmed that two new pugilists are on the way, along with some other exciting SSF IV news. Along with the new characters... More
  • Blog Post: Capcom Vs. Namco Is Street Fighter X Tekken

    The rumors are true. Capcom and Namco Bandai have two fighting game crossovers coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. However, the games aren’t focused on incorporating fighters from either publisher’s pedigree, but rather delivering battles with Street Fighter and Tekken characters in 2D... More
  • Blog Post: Thor And Ammaterasu Confirmed For MvC 3

    Nipping at the heels of four other newly announced Marvel vs. Capcom 3 fighters come two celestial warriors. One wields a thunderous hammer and is the son of Odin, the other is a paint-brush wielding, sun god canine. Thor represents the Marvel side of the fight, descending from the heavens to bolster... More
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