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  • Blog Post: Report: Dark Souls Is Getting A Comic

    It looks like the infamously masochistic game series Dark Souls is getting the comic book treatment. IGN is reporting that Titan Comics will start publishing the series in April, though it's not clear if it will be an ongoing or limited series. Titan Comics is known for publishing comics based on... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel Releases Preview For 45 Series In All-New, All-Different Line

    Big changes are in store for the Marvel comic universe in the form of the newest publishing line All-New, All-Different. The previously leaked free preview comic is in stores now, which, according to Marvel , "provides a large snapshot of what’s to expect in the fall: new characters, new teams... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What’s Your Favorite Comic Book Video Game?

    It’s free comic book day. Let’s talk about comic book video games. And when I say comic book video games, I mean everything, including games about classic comic book characters that aren’t necessarily connected directly to a specific comic book. There are all the super-hero games like... More
  • Blog Post: How The Last Of Us Comic Changed The Game's Ending

    Plenty of games have produced comic book spinoffs, but Dark Horses' The Last of Us comic miniseries actually influenced the development of the game, and even altered Naughty Dog's approach to the game's ending. Be warned, there are spoilers. Dark Horse recently release a four issues miniseries... More
  • Blog Post: Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Prequel Coming To Comics

    San Diego Comic Con is in full swing, and High Moon Studios' Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is the talk of the show. Earlier today, we learned that the Dinobots are a part of the game's multiplayer character creation system , and the show game Hasbro the opportunity to unveil a new series of... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel Ending Its Partnership With Sega

    This shouldn't come as a surprise, but Marvel has made it official. The comic giant will not be making any future games with Sega. Given the fact that Sega's Marvel games -- Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America: Super Soldier, and Thor: God of Thunder -- received poor reviews... More
  • Blog Post: Upcoming Comic Tells The Origins Of The Jedi Order

    This isn't game related, per se, but I thought the Star Wars fans out there would like to know how the Jedi came to be. I've never given their origin story much thought, and I honestly never thought George Lucas would let a writer explore this territory in his universe, but come February 15,... More
  • Blog Post: Vigil Games Hosts Studio Art Show This Friday

    Super iam8bit isn’t the only gaming related art exhibit around, Darksider’s developer, Vigil Games is prepping an art show of its own. Vigil Nights will take place on Friday the 23rd from 7-10pm. The show will feature all the art work that Vigil’s art team has produced on its spare... More
  • Blog Post: Quick 15: Captain America: Super Soldier

    The newest trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger makes it look like it could be one of the summer’s biggest films, but Next Level Games’ upcoming Captain America: Super Soldier shouldn’t be overlooked. The title is actually shaping up to be one of the better comic/film based... More
  • Blog Post: Sneak Peak At Rage Comic Book #1

    You’ll have to wait until October to play Rage, the newest shooter from id Software, but you can read the comic book starting today. Rage’s three-issue comic series features an original story written by Arvid Nelson, acclaimed creator of Rex Mundi, and penciled by Andrea Mutti of DMZ fame... More
  • Blog Post: Telltale Games Working On The Walking Dead and Fables Games

    Telltale Games is on a roll. First the company acquired the rights from Universal to develop Back to the Future and Jurassic Park titles, and now it sounds like the budding developer is working on games for hit comic book properties like Fables and The Walking Dead. Telltale’s SVP of marketing... More
  • Blog Post: Hollywood Rallies Against California's Anti-Video Game Law

    A range of entertainment trade groups – including the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), various actor, director, and writer guilds, The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and many others – have filed an amicus brief (info or testimony not solicited by either side in a legal case)... More
  • Blog Post: BioShock 2’s Multiplayer Dev On The Darkness Sequel

    We already knew that Starbreeze Studios, the developer behind the original The Darkness and The Chronicles of Riddick, wouldn’t be working on the next video game entry in Jackie Estacado's adventure. Today we’ve learned that another established development house is working on the title... More
  • Blog Post: The Sith Rise In Star Wars: The Old Republic Comic

    A new Sith-centric story kicks off in the fourth issue of Dark Horse's Star Wars: The Old Republic series. Sith Teneb Kel is a slave who aspires for power, but he must first prove his worth if he wishes to ascend the Dark Council ranks. The task laid out before him turns allies to enemies. Teneb... More
  • Blog Post: New Mass Effect Comic Details The Origin Of The Illusive Man

    He has a nice chair. He smokes way too much. What else do you know about the Illusive Man? Don't put too much thought into it. Everyone has their own theory on this mysterious Mass Effect character, and there's little chance we'll know who he truly is until Mass Effect 3 hits store shelves... More
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