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  • Blog Post: Capcom Aiming For Stronger Single-Player Content, Story Modes In Their Fighting Games

    When NetherRealm's Mortal Kombat reboot arrived in 2011, expectations of the fighting genre were redefined. Now, on the eve of Injustice: Gods Among Us' release, Capcom has commented on one of the biggest discrepancies between their titles and NetherRealm's: story. The conversation about... More
  • Blog Post: Capcom Wants Your Input For Future Digital Plans

    Capcom wants to hear your thoughts on what the company should be doing in the digital games market. So, today, Capcom's SVP of planning and business development Christian Svensson took to the Capcom Unity blog to share a public survey. The survey takes roughly 10 minutes to complete and asks questions... More
  • Blog Post: Capcom Going Big With Resident Evil

    2012 is quickly becoming one of Capcom's busiest years to date. The company started off by announcing Resident Evil 6 for this November and followed up with releases of Resident Evil: Revelations, Asura's Wrath, and Street Fighter X Tekken. In the coming months, fans can expect to see Resident... More
  • Blog Post: Capcom Still Working With Western Developers

    Earlier in the year, Capcom’s COO Haruhiro Tsujumoto made statements that sounded like Capcom was turning its back on western developers. In a recent interview with Gamasutra.com , Capcom U.S. VP of strategic planning and business development, Christian Svensson, was able to clarify those comments... More
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