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  • Blog Post: EVE Valkyrie Enters Alpha For Oculus Rift DK2 Owners This Month

    Sure, the Oculus Rift won’t be available until March (or April… or May depending on when you ordered). But if you happen to be in possession of a Developer Kit 2 (DK2), there’s something fun on the horizon. CCP has announced that its space dogfighting simulator, EVE Valkyrie, enters... More
  • Blog Post: Oculus Lands Direct Hit, Includes Eve Valkyrie With All Rift Pre-Orders

    Oculus has struck a huge blow announcing a packed-in game with every pre-order of its upcoming Rift virtual reality headset. CCP’s Eve Valkyrie, a space dogfighting spin-off of its popular space sim, will be free for anyone that gets in at the ground floor. EVE Valkyrie ( starring Battlestar Galactica’s... More
  • Blog Post: Eve: Valkyrie Shows Off The Potential Virtual Reality

    With virtual reality coming into the fold this year, Eve: Valkyrie leads the charge with an incredibly immersive, intense experience. I had a chance to pilot a round during this year's E3, and a play session of Eve: Valkyrie is something everyone should experience at least once. It's almost surreal... More
  • Blog Post: CCP Lays Off 49 Staff Members From Publishing Arm

    EVE Online developer CCP is in the midst of layoffs at its headquarters in Iceland and other locations. The company also laid off nearly 60 employees in April following the cancelation of World of Darkness. CCP confirms it has laid off 49 employees, marking the end of its layoff process started earlier... More
  • Blog Post: Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff To Lead EVE: Valkyrie Cast

    CCP, the developer of EVE Online, has announced that Katee Sackhoff will star in its upcoming VR project, EVE: Valkyrie. Sackhoff, who appeared as Starbuck in SyFy’s Battlestar Galactica , will voice a character named Rán. Sackhoff is no stranger to science fiction, having also appeared... More
  • Blog Post: EVE Online Lead Designer Joins League Of Legends

    Lead designer at CCP Games for EVE Online, Kristoffer Touborg, recently announced that he will be relocating to Dublin to begin working with Riot Games on League of Legends. Touborg made the announcement of his career change on Facebook where he expressed a great appreciation for the opportunty to work... More
  • Blog Post: [Updated] EVE Online And Dust 514 Back Online Following DDoS Attack

    Update #2: CCP has sounded the all-clear, returning Tranquility cluster (responsible for EVE Online and Dust 514) to online status. The company has issued a full statement on what happened, how it reacted, and assures that no customer data was compromised. The full statement follows: At 02:05 UTC June... More
  • Blog Post: Dust 514 Officially Launches Today

    Dust 514, the first MMO free-to-play shooter for consoles, officially launched today for PlayStation 3. To start playing, just hop on your PlayStation 3, download the game, and start shooting. Dust 514 is a companion game to EVE Online, with the outcomes of battles of both games having an effect on one... More
  • Blog Post: Dust 514's Open Beta Coming Next Week

    CCP Games' ambitious plan to merge the world of EVE Online and its upcoming shooter Dust 514 is inching closer to reality. The studio has already migrated EVE players to new Dust 514-friendly servers, and now an open Dust beta is almost here. All PlayStation 3 owners will be able to download the... More
  • Blog Post: U.S. Officer Killed In Libya Played Eve Online

    Sean Smith, the U.S. state department official who was killed in Libya yesterday at the American consulate, was a long-time Eve Online player. Smith went by the name of Vile Rat in his guild the Goonswarm. “So: Vile Rat, Sean Smith, my friend for over six years, both in real life and in internet... More
  • Blog Post: Dust 514 Beta Now Taking Applications From Active EVE Online Subscribers

    The PlayStation 3 exclusive first-person shooter counterpart to the MMO, EVE Online, is now allowing active EVE Online subscribers to sign up for the closed beta. If you're an EVE Online player, and own a PlayStation 3, and, of course, have interest in partaking in the beta, click here . Dust 514... More
  • Blog Post: CCP And Nexon Join Forces For EVE Online In Japan

    CCP's EVE Online has been one of the success stories in an MMO market dominated by Blizzard's World of Warcraft. Now, the company is looking to increase its market share in Japan with a new partnership with one of Asia's leading online game publishers, the Korean company Nexon (best known... More
  • Blog Post: The Incursion Begins For EVE Online

    Eve Online developer CCP has announced the 14th free expansion to the MMO, subtitled Incursion, which is due out sometime in November. Incursion is based around the invading Sansha's Nation, with pilots tasked to band together to bring it down, and many of the additions were suggested by the player... More
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