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  • Blog Post: Cave Story 3D Heading To 3DS eShop

    The 3D remake of Cave Story that released for 3DS in 2012 is getting an eShop release soon. The game is a full remake of the 2D indie classic Cave Story with a remixed soundtrack from Danny Baranowsky – the man behind the music of Super Meat Boy. The retail version of the game isn't too hard... More
  • Blog Post: Impressive Fan Art Gathers Nearly Every Successful Indie Game Into One Drawing

    Most video game fan art looks to the past to recall nostalgic emotions related to childhood franchises, but this piece looks to the present uniting a huge collection of indie game characters. The piece, titled Indie Collision, comes from artist Memoski on DeviantArt and features just about every character... More
  • Blog Post: Runner2 DLC Adds Psychonauts' Raz And Cave Story's Quote

    New trailers from developer Gaijin Games confirms the looming appearance of Psychonauts' Raz and Cave Story's Quote as playable characters. The upcoming DLC, titled "Good Friends", is aiming to add seven new characters to the game. Raz and Quote are the first to be revealed. Gaijin... More
  • Blog Post: Cave Story Creator's Lesser-Known Games Coming To The 3DS eShop

    Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya is best known for creating the indie game Cave Story, but Amaya is a prolific designer with many other projects and two of his other games are making their way to 3DS. Ikachan puts players in the role of a silent squid as it makes it through an underwater cave in order... More
  • Blog Post: The Original Cave Story Enhanced For 3DS Arrives Next Month

    There was a heavily updated Cave Story for 3DS that released last year, but this isn't that version. This is the original 2D version of Cave Story updated with some 3D visuals. This is basically the Cave Story+ that is available on PC through Steam, but without the HD art and music. It will have... More
  • Blog Post: Cave Story Creator Releases Azarashi On iOS

    The man behind the indie hit Cave Story has released a game on the iOS called Azarashi. Aside from a similar visual style and music, it doesn't have much in common with Cave Story. It's a simple minigame where you have to catch seals before they fall to the ground by throwing a dart at their... More
  • Blog Post: Review Round-Up: Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3, Zelda, More

    We've officially reached the peak of the crazy 2011 video game holiday season, with the biggest week of the year for both releases and reviews. There was a lot to read, and it's likely you missed some of it, so here's a round-up of all of the new reviews that Game Informer put up this week... More
  • Blog Post: Cave Story Makes A Surprise Appearance On Mac App Store

    Did you know that Cave Story+, an enhanced version of the Wii port of Cave Story, is headed to the Mac App Store? Me neither, but apparently it's already available now! Tiny Cartridge reports that Cave Story+ popped up on the Mac App Store today, and a PC release on Steam is forthcoming. In addition... More
  • Blog Post: New Game From Cave Story Dev Coming Along Well

    Daisuke 'Pixel' Amaya, the creator of indie retro throwback Cave Story, has been at work on another game since February. Entitled Rockfish, the game is destined for iOS only. Amaya is taking fan feedback from Cave Story into consideration for the project. One of the biggest changes known so far... More
  • Blog Post: Nicalis Announces New Cave Story 3D Release Date

    Daisuke Amaya's freeware platforming adventure turned WiiWare hit isn't coming to the Nintendo 3DS until this holiday. If you haven't played Cave Story yet, you're missing out. The game's endearing art style and retro gameplay successfully channel 8-bit classics like Metroid, Ninja... More
  • Blog Post: Cave Story On 3DS Can Use 2D Sprites

    Fans of Cave Story have been somewhat torn about the art style of the upcoming 3DS version, since part of the original game's charm was its retro visuals. But what if you could have the best of both worlds? According to publisher NIS America, players will be able to swap between the 3DS-exclusive... More
  • Blog Post: Cave Story 3DS Spelunks This August

    Previously we were told that Cave Story 3DS would be included in the Nintendo 3DS’s “launch window.” Now we’re starting to think that by “launch window” the publisher means “anytime after the 3DS’s release.” We now have word that Cave Story’s... More
  • Blog Post: Cave Story 3DS Logo Arrives

    One of the best games on WiiWare is nearing its release on Nintendo's shiny new handheld device. Behold! A logo! Alright, we admit this isn't exactly thrilling news. But the newly revealed Cave Story 3DS logo gives us an excuse to remind all our readers just how great Cave Story really is. You're... More
  • Blog Post: Winners: 2011 Independent Games Festival Awards

    The evening has drawn to a close and winners of the 2011 Independent Games Festival Awards announced. A handful of indie developers walked away tonight with a sizable monetary award and the pride of receiving accolades from fellow indie talent. Winners are highlighted in red . Click the category to view... More
  • Blog Post: New Cave Story Concepts Showcase 3D Direction

    Last week we learned that the lauded indie title Cave Story will be released for the Nintendo 3DS in close proximity to the hardware’s debut. While gameplay and story will remain the same, a massive graphical overhaul is underway to take advantage of the 3DS tech. We’re still short on specifics... More
  • Blog Post: Cave Story 3DS Coming In Launch Window

    A newly announced 3D overhaul of the fantastic action/platformer is coming to Nintendo's new handheld in the weeks after its release. If you haven't played Cave Story, you're missing out. Originally released as a PC freeware game, Cave Story was recently remade with updated graphics and released... More
  • Blog Post: Cave Story Gets A Possible Release Date For DSiWare

    Cave Story already made a splash when it arrived on WiiWare earlier this year. Now it's looking like the charming platformer may make its way to the DSi before the end of the year. Publisher Nicalis posted a cryptic tweet asking, "Guess what'll be available November 29th on DSiWare?!?"... More
  • Blog Post: WiiWare's Cave Story Makes Its Way To DS

    Few WiiWare titled got us more excited to turn on our systems than the old school emulating Cave Story. Fortunately, it looks like DS owners will get to experience all the game’s thrills as the title is now coming to DSiWare. The game’s US handler, Nicalis, hasn’t released a date yet... More
  • Blog Post: More Cave Story On The Way?

    Cave Story is an awesome Metroid-style platformer that didn't get nearly the amount of recognition it deserved when it released on PC more than five years ago. The recent WiiWare release helped introduce more gamers to this inventive title, but what if you don't own Nintendo's console? You... More
  • Blog Post: A "Free" Game Room On XBLA, Plus The Indie Game You Must Play On WiiWare

    If you're into downloadable games, you've got a busy week ahead. Check out the full report within. The much talked about Microsoft Game Room is releasing tomorrow, March 24th. The Game Room is an intriguing experiment – a way to bring the earliest classic arcade-style games to the 360 and... More
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