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  • Blog Post: Castle Of Illusion Is This Week’s PlayStation Plus Game

    Sega’s redesigned classic, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse ( our review ), is this week’s Instant Game Collection title. If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you’ll be able to download the title after the store updates tomorrow afternoon. As a reminder, today is your... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Retro Game Should Be Remade Next?

    Remakes of classic titles like Castle of Illusion and DuckTales are right around the corner. These two titles follow in the footsteps of other fan-favorites that have been remastered for the downloadable market. A plethora of old-school games await fancy new coats of paint, but which would you like to... More
  • Blog Post: DreamRift Originally Approached For Castle Of Illusion Remake

    Not long ago Sega revealed a downloadable HD remake of the Sega Genesis classic, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, is on the way. Last year, developer DreamRift partnered with Disney to create an Epic Mickey-flavored homage to the game, Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion . In a past interview about... More
  • Blog Post: Banjo-Kazooie Composer Creating Music For Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse HD

    Grant Kirkhope, best known for his work on Rare titles like Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark, and Goldeneye, is creating the music for the upcoming Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse HD remake . Apparently he's pretty far along, too. Yesterday Kirkhope tweeted that he was finishing his final piece... More
  • Blog Post: Mickey’s Genesis Classic Castle Of Illusion Coming In HD

    Sega revealed today that the world’s favorite rodent, Mickey Mouse (sorry Sonic) will have a classic Sega Genesis title remade in HD. The first screenshots and trailer for the game have been released and they look great. The announcement follows reports of listings for Castle of Illusion on the... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Mickey's Castle Of Illusion Gets Ratings Classification

    The recent Mickey Mouse games from Disney might not have been great shakes, but Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse has always been considered a classic for Sega's Genesis console. Now there are reports that the game might be coming back. A listing from the Australian ratings board for the game... More
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