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  • Blog Post: Unboxing The July 2014 'Villains' Loot Crate

    Another month, another Loot Crate! Early last month we unboxed May's Loot Crate where we got a taste of adventure. For July, the theme is villains. As always, the good folks at Loot Crate continue to impress with their selection. First and foremost is an excellent t-shirt that combines Marvel's... More
  • Blog Post: Mario Takes On Bowser In First Person

    Mario meets Mirror's Edge in this impressive fan-made video. Brandon Laatsch spent over 50 hours just rendering this bad boy. What can we say? We'd play it. More
  • Blog Post: Fun Video Proposes Alternate Mario Ending

    Poor Bowser. Try as he might, he's simply unable to live peacefully in the Mushroom Kingdom. Everywhere he turns, that pesky Mario is there to spoil his plans. Fortunately, help has arrived in the form of an alternate ending for the Super Mario series. And it's about time. The clip, from Machinima... More
  • Blog Post: Witness A Star Deal Go South In Stylish Super Mario Fan Art

    Wario and Waluigi are two of gaming's goofiest characters. When painted in noir shades, they make surprisingly convincing heavies. This beautiful artwork from Flickr user Charity Ryan shows no there is no honor among Mario Bros. criminals. Bowser and son may be ready to double-cross Don Wario and... More
  • Blog Post: Miyamoto And Friends Evaluate Fan-Made Mario Flipnotes

    To celebrate Mario’s recent 25th anniversary, Nintendo held a contest asking users of the DSi’s Mario Flipnote to make special cartoons. The creators of Super Mario Bros. watched and critiqued the best of the best, offering unique commentary on some pretty adorable Mario toons. Mario creators... More
  • Blog Post: Make Your Own Bowser Papercraft

    Philipp Stollenmayer is a papercraft wizard. To illustrate how easy papercraft is, Philipp created a life-size papercraft clone of himself. He's also assembled incredibly detailed papercraft of several video game icons. His latest masterpiece is Giga Bowser from Super Smash Bros. The fine folks at... More
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