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  • Blog Post: NECA Adds Booker DeWitt To Its BioShock Infinite Figure Collection

    Collectible manufacturer NECA has announced that its 7” scale Booker DeWitt figure will be making its way to retail this week. BioShock Infinite’s protagonist is the fourth in the series. NECA previously released Elizabeth, Boys of Silence, and Motorized Patriots. The Booker figure has 25... More
  • Blog Post: Booker DeWitt Adjusts To Life After Bioshock Infinite

    Booker's life is forever changed after the events of Bioshock Infinite, and this mockumentary shows how. This is the latest from YouTube user TimTimfed , who has showed us the best ways to play Dishonored and Hitman , made Chell and Gordon Freeman join forces , and showed us a day in the of Max Payne... More
  • Blog Post: Your Last Peek Of BioShock Infinite Before Launch

    Irrational Games has released the official launch trailer for BioShock Infinite, which showcases the eerie, floating world of Columbia and Booker Dewitt's attempted rescue mission from Hell. Set within a whole new narrative in the year 1912, BioShock Infinite tells the story of Booker DeWitt as he... More
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