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  • Blog Post: Nintendo Celebrates Back To The Future Day By Bringing Wild Gunman To Virtual Console

    Back to the Future fans likely remember Wild Gunman as the game Marty McFly plays while visiting the '80s café in Back to the Future Part II. The kids of 2015 weren’t particularly thrilled with his display, but maybe you’ll have better luck impressing today's youth when Wild... More
  • Blog Post: Rocket League Goes Back To The Future With Official DeLorean DLC

    It’s the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future’s theatrical release, and celebrations are ramping up. Telltale is re-releasing its episodic adventure game (with new Biff voice acting from Thomas F. Wilson). Psyonix is getting into the mix, too. Rocket League fans will be able to zip around... More
  • Blog Post: New Releases This Week: October 11 Through October 17

    The weather is getting colder, and the release lists continue to heat up. This week is a bit thinner in terms of volume, but there are still some meaty titles to sink your teeth into. Telltale delivers a double-header, with the 30th anniversary edition of Back to the Future. You'll also be able to... More
  • Blog Post: Telltale Games Removed From App Store Following iOS 9 Release

    Apple’s latest iOS update, iOS 9, is causing problems for developers and publishers. Capcom has had to pull Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (likely permanently) and Ghost Trick (temporarily) from the storefront. The Metal Gear Solid V companion app is also currently non-functional on the operating... More
  • Blog Post: Mystery Lego Tease Spans Batman, Lord Of The Rings, Back To The Future

    Using the hashtag #BreakTheRules on assorted social media sites, Lego seems to be teasing something related to a number of popular franchises. A short video on the official Lego Instagram shows Community 's Joel McHale opening a Doctor Who-themed box. A mysterious box in front of an unassuming doorway... More
  • Blog Post: Science Fiction Author Ernest Cline Making His Way To The Atari Landfill

    Many will be making the pilgrimage to Alamogordo, New Mexico on April 26 to be a part of a film documenting the unearthing of one of gaming's greatest legends. Rumor has it that the fabled "Atari landfill" contains thousands of unsold copies of the E.T. Atari 2600 video game. Among the... More
  • Blog Post: These FTL, Wind Waker, And Pokemon LEGO Kits Could Be Yours

    This weekend, we received a tip that a LEGO CUUSOO proposal for FTL-inspired ships had reached enough support to be officially considered for production ( thanks, Rick) . OK. Let's back up a little bit, because this bears some explanation. I'll assume that you're familiar with LEGO building... More
  • Blog Post: Link Loses Out To Marty McFly In Lego Cuusoo Review

    Lego Cuusoo is a website that challenges brick builders to create sets that could potentially be turned into official Lego products. This process consists of three steps: Have an idea? Create a project, share your product concept, and see what other people think. Get 10,000 supporters. Projects with... More
  • Blog Post: Telltale Games Says iPad Is Its Fastest Growing Platform

    If you didn't know, Apple has a tablet computer called the "iPad." It's kind of a big deal. So big, in fact, that Telltale Games, the adventure game whizzes behind such franchises as Sam & Max, Jurassic Park, and Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, says that Apple's... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy XIII-2's Noel Has A Bizarre Secret

    If you've seen any screens or trailers of Final Fantasy XIII-2, you know that the guy hanging out with Serah is named Noel, and that he is one of the main characters in the upcoming sequel. But there's something you didn't know about him…though it might be a little spoilery. Continue... More
  • Blog Post: Back To The Future Gets Retail Console Release

    Telltale’s Back to the Future adventure game was a rollercoaster of nostalgia, but now Telltale is hoping to catch a whole new fanbase by releasing the episodic series on a single disc for the Wii and PlayStation 3. As GamePro recently reported, Telltale has signed a deal with Nintendo, which allows... More
  • Blog Post: Michael J. Fox Joins Back To The Future Game

    The original Marty McFly will join the cast for the final installment of the episodic video game. Telltale has had great success taking the popular Back to the Future series and adapting it into a series of downloadable adventures featuring Marty and his friend Doc Brown. In advance of the game's... More
  • Blog Post: The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Future Fanfilm

    Do you find The Legend of Zelda’s fiction a little mystifying? How does Wind Waker connect to Majora’s Mask anyway? Maybe you need Doctor Emmett Brown to explain the series to you. Fan group 3GI Industries put together this fan video that mashes together The Legend of Zelda and Back to the... More
  • Blog Post: Back To The Future Episode 4 Available Now

    Telltale's adventure-style continuation of the Back to the Future story rolls forward today with a new episode. Check out the trailer now! If you haven't played the previous episodes and think you will, it might not be a good idea to watch this due to some spoilers. The entire season consists... More
  • Blog Post: Download Back To The Future Episode One For Free

    What is this? Real news on April 1? Honestly, this isn’t a joke, Telltale is offering up the first episode of its Back to the Future series for free on PC and Mac. What you don’t believe us? We don’t blame you on a day like today, but check out Telltales site for proof. The first episode... More
  • Blog Post: Update: Telltale's Back to the Future Hits PS3 On February 15

    Update: PS3 owners will finally get a chance to go back in time with Marty McFly, since the first episode in Telltale's latest series is coming to PSN on February 15. The game will also be hitting iPad later this month, though that version does not currently have a concrete release date. Read our... More
  • Blog Post: Bad Memories: Back To The Future On NES

    Back to the Future is a franchise that created happy memories for movie-goers, and abject terror for gamers. As awesome as it was to watch Marty McFly skateboard around Hill Valley on the silver screen, taking control of the hero in Back to the Future on NES was a nightmare. If you've never played... More
  • Blog Post: New Back To The Future Screens

    Great Scott! Telltale Games has released a few screens of its upcoming Back to the Future adventure game! You can see the full screens over at IGN , showcasing Doc and Marty along with a stylish art direction. Despite the familiarity of the locations, Telltale's version of Back to the Future is not... More
  • Blog Post: Great Scott! Christopher Lloyd Confirmed For Back To The Future Game

    We've known for awhile that the adventure game masters at Telltale Games have been working on a downloadable series based on the Back to the Future movies, but today the upcoming game got a giant dose of crazy-haired credibility with the announcement of Christopher Lloyd's participation in the... More
  • Blog Post: Back To The Future Game Also Coming From Telltale

    Yesterday, we broke the news that Telltale Games has signed a deal to create new episodic releases based off of NBC Universal properties, the first of which will be a Jurassic Park game. Today, the deal gets even sweeter, as it's been revealed that one of the other properties Telltale will be digging... More
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