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  • Blog Post: Submit Your Questions For Our Quantum Break Podcast

    Our month of Quantum Break coverage is coming to a close next week, and now that we're almost done sharing all the details we gathered from our trip to developer Remedy in Espoo, Finland, we want to open up the floor to our readers. Do you have questions about the combat, narrative, or television... More
  • Blog Post: December Cover Revealed – Quantum Break

    Remedy has a history of creating story-focused action games that play with television’s storytelling format. With Quantum Break, the studio has gone all out, creating a professional-quality, live-action show that will be bundled with the game. The process hasn’t been easy, but for a studio... More
  • Blog Post: Animator Recreates Notable Locations From 15 Video Games In Impressive Short Film

    Animator Tim Hijlkema has taken a collection of video game locations, a recreated them for an impressive short film montage. You can check out the video below which looks at locations from Left 4 Dead, Half-life, The Last of Us, and many more. You can find a cheat sheet of featured locations on Hijlkema's... More
  • Blog Post: Remedy's Sneaky Quantum Break Nod To Alan Wake Hints At Deeper Connection

    If you saw the Microsoft press conference and Remedy's brief demo of Quantum Break , you saw some fantastic action, very cool visual effects during the game's stutter moments, and what hero Jack Joyce's time manipulation powers. What you probably didn't see was a clever nod to Remedy's... More
  • Blog Post: Steam Sale Day 12: Simulations, Space Travel, And Supernatural Thrillers

    We’re 12 days into the Steam Holiday Sale and, surprisingly, there has not been a single “second chance” day yet. Our story from late last week predicting today’s sales was correct, and you can save on some of 2013’s best (and more). Alan Wake - $2.99 (Regularly $29.99)... More
  • Blog Post: Other Places YouTube Series Casts Video Game Locations In A Beautiful Light

    The Other Places YouTube video series from ultrabrilliant takes special care in highlighting some of modern games' most stunning and detailed environments. It's no surprise to see some of the video games featured, like Bioshock Infinite's Columbia, but others like Mafia II's Empire Bay... More
  • Blog Post: Remedy's Sam Lake Addresses Alan Wake Fans In Video Message, Humble Bundle Launches

    In one of the classiest moves in recent memory, Remedy's creative director Sam Lake has taken to video to answer fan cries for a new Alan Wake title. The news isn't great, but the delivery strikes the perfect chord. Lake talks about the studio's challenge to get a sequel to the title into... More
  • Blog Post: Here Are Xbox Live Arcade's Best Selling Games In 2012

    The Xbox Live Arcade is going strong with revenues estimated to have doubled 2011's according to fadellc.com . That probably has a lot to do with the game that was the best selling XBLA game in 2012. And I am going to predict that it might just be the best selling game in 2013 again when that list... More
  • Blog Post: Picking A Winner: Release Date Battles

    We just saw it this week - a clash of two highly-anticipated and powerful games: Dishonored and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This isn't the first time two high-profile titles have gone head-to-head and I thought it would be fun to look at some games that were pitted up against each other on the same release... More
  • Blog Post: Update: Complete List Of Avatar Awards

    The list has been updated with new Avatar Awards for Halo 4, Joe Danger 2: The Movie, Darksiders II, and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. If you'd rather spend your hard-earned cash on games rather than clothing for your Xbox 360 Avatar, yet still like the idea of dressing him or her in video game... More
  • Blog Post: First Issue Of Max Payne 3 Comic Available For Free Download

    The first issue of Rockstar and Marvel's Max Payne 3 comic is available online. It's entitled "After the Fall," and was written by Rockstar's Dan Houser and original Max Payne scribe Sam Lake. The comic's cover art was done by Greg Ham and Fernando Blanco handled the pencils... More
  • Blog Post: Rockstar And Marvel Are Creating A Max Payne 3 Comic Series

    Update : Rockstar has unveiled the cover for "After the Fall", a free digital comic releasing on Thursday as a promo for the company's upcoming noir-tinged shooter, Max Payne 3. ------------------------------------ "After the Fall" ties together characters from all three games... More
  • Blog Post: Alan Wake Dev Moves To Next-Gen

    Remedy Entertainment, the team behind the Alan Wake franchise, is developing a next-generation console title. According to a job listing posted on their official forums, Remedy is hiring for an unannounced project targeted at "future generation consoles." "More than 20 new positions will... More
  • Blog Post: Alan Wake Sales Reach 2 Million

    Sales of the original Alan Wake for Xbox 360 and PC have now reached 2 million sales worldwide, developer Remedy confirmed. "After a slow start it's turning into something really positive. It's definitely had legs," said studio head Oskari Häkkinen in an interview with CVG. "I... More
  • Blog Post: Alan Wake PC Already Making Money

    Though it's been out for only 48 hours, the PC version of Alan Wake has already recouped development and marketing costs for Remedy. "We are very happy with the sales and hitting #1 on Steam at launch was nothing short of amazing," Remedy said on its forums . "We recouped our development... More
  • Blog Post: Remedy Planning More Alan Wake

    The original Alan Wake is getting released on PC next week, and the downloadable side-story American Nightmare comes out the following week. After all that, developer Remedy has more in store for its writer-turned-action-hero. Speaking to Joystiq , Remedy's CEO Matias Myllyrinne said " We'll... More
  • Blog Post: Alan Wake PC Release Date

    Remedy Entertainment announced the release date and game details for the PC version of Alan Wake. The game hits Steam on February 16 and soon afterwards through other digital retailers. A boxed version of the game is also coming , but there are no details on that just yet. Alan Wake costs 29.99 (game... More
  • Blog Post: Alan Wake PC Getting A Boxed Release, Too

    Remedy Entertainment revealed a few days back that its moody survival-horror game Alan Wake would be coming to PC via Steam next month. If you prefer physical copies of your games, take heart. Nordic Games has announced that it will be publishing the boxed version of the game. Alan Wake on PC includes... More
  • Blog Post: Alan Wake PC Coming Next Month

    Developer Remedy revealed the PC version of Alan Wake hits Steam next month. The team answered additional questions surrounding the PC version in a newly published FAQ. Remedy says there will not be a demo of the PC version and that the game supports keyboard and mouse controls in addition to the Xbox... More
  • Blog Post: Alan Wake Coming To PC

    In 2012, PC players will finally get a chance to play Remedy's action-horror title. The developer announced a PC version is coming early next year and will include The Signal and The Writer downloadable content. "Remedy is a developer with deep roots in the PC space (Death Rally and Max Payne... More
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