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  • Blog Post: Peruse The 2013 Holiday Accessibility Buying Guide

    If you're looking for a gift for the disabled gamer in your life, former intern Josh Straub has compiled a list of excellent gift ideas on his website. Straub interned with us back 2012 ( you can learn more about him here ) and started a website after serving his time, DAGERS , where he writes about... More
  • Blog Post: StarCraft II Voice Actor Speaks Out For Game Accessibility

    DAGERS founder (and former Game Informer intern) Josh Straub is on a mission to raise game-accessibility awareness. And what better venue is there than a commercial spot during the Super Bowl broadcast? Straub has enlisted the help of a StarCraft II voice actor for his cause, and he can use your help... More
  • Blog Post: Peruse The Holiday Accessibility Buying Guide

    Former Game Informer intern Josh Straub has compiled a selection of gadgets, games, and other gifts ideal for the disabled gamer in your family. Whether you're a gamer who has accessibility requirements in your gaming, or you have a disabled family member or friend who you'll be shopping for... More
  • Blog Post: Game Accessibility Guidelines Published

    A series of guidelines have been published to help game developers and publishers make games more accessible to every kind of gamer. The guide covers three different categories: basic, intermediate, and advanced accessibility, and then is further divided into six additional categories that cover all... More
  • Blog Post: Play Games…With Your Feet!

    A new device lets you replace a keyboard and mouse with straightforward digital controls to press with your ten little toes. We got word today that the SoftStep KeyWorx system is ready for review, a new interface system that places a special digital input device on the ground to manipulate onscreen events... More
  • Blog Post: MLB 11 To Promote Accessibility For Disabled Gamers With New Mode

    25-year-old Hans Smith may not be able to play his favorite sport in real life because of cerebral palsy, but that still hasn't stopped him from climbing the ranks in the majors. Sony San Diego created Smith's character in MLB 10: The Show after the Cardinals fan wrote a moving letter to the... More
  • Blog Post: VTree And Ernie Els Debut My Golf Game

    VTree LLC – a leader in the development of special needs software and assistive technology – announced that they have teamed up with golf champion Ernie Els for “My Golf Game.” My Golf Game is designed as a fun and authentic title for enthusiasts of the sport, but more importantly... More
  • Blog Post: Quadriplegic Gamer Petitions For Remappable Controls

    A petition has been issued that encourages game developers and console manufacturers to incorporate custom button mapping for game controls, specifically Zipper, Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. A feature prevalent in PC titles, remappable controls allow players to assign action... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon Age Awarded 2009 Mainstream Accessible Game Of The Year

    AbleGamers , a community Web site for gamers with disabilities, honors one mainstream game each year that offers an abundant amount of accessibility features for gamers of different abilities. While it’s nearly impossible for a game to be 100 percent accessible to all, Bioware’s Dragon Age... More
  • Blog Post: Gamers Petition For Colorblind Patch In Modern Warfare 2

    In the realm of accessibility and video games, colorblindness is considered one of the easier visual disabilities to compensate for. Considering the high percentage of males that are affected by some degree of color blindness, it may then seem odd that the condition is overlooked in game design as often... More
  • Blog Post: Pro Gamer Questions Missing N0M4D Layout In MW2

    Randy Fitzgerald, known as N0M4D in the Major League Gaming circuit, is questioning the absence of his namesake control scheme in the recently released Modern Warfare 2. Fitzgerald, who is working to earn a degree in game development and owns a LAN center in Rochester, Minn., was born with a rare muscle... More
  • Blog Post: Visually Disabled Gamer Sues SOE

    The inclusion of accessibility features in games – closed captioning, reconfigurable controls, high-contrast modes and so on – is often overlooked within the gaming industry. This happens for a variety of reasons, including an intentional marginalization of disabled gamers due to a misguided... More
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