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  • Blog Post: Splatoon, Mario Kart 8, And Pokémon Were Nintendo's Best Selling Games Last Quarter

    Along with the full-year financial report released yesterday , Nintendo has updated its list of ten best-selling software titles. The past three months saw very little shifting in the ranks, though the Wii U and 3DS lists tell very different stories. With the exception of the last two spots switching... More
  • Blog Post: New Fire Emblem Fates DLC Maps Introduce New Storyline

    Nintendo and developer Intelligent Systems have announced another series of maps for Fire Emblem Fates, and this second map pack tells its own story. Map Pack 2 consists of six maps (see scheduling and prices below) that culminate in a contained story involving alternate-dimension versions of the Hoshidan... More
  • Blog Post: More Than 1.5 Million Copies Of Original Pokémon Games Sold On 3DS

    Nintendo’s no dummy when it comes to re-releasing classic games. And when it comes to Pokémon you can never have just one. Recently, Nintendo re-released Pokémon Red, Blue/Green, and Yellow via the 3DS virtual console. It seems fans were eager to return to Pikachu’s yesteryear... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Is Your Reaction To Nintendo’s NX Release Window And Zelda Delay?

    Early this morning, Nintendo dropped several bombshells alongside its financial report. The biggest news involved the company's upcoming console, codenamed NX, as well as the anticipated next entry of The Legend of Zelda series. Other reveals included more information on its future mobile properties... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Suffers 60 Percent Drop In Profits In Most Recent Fiscal Year

    Nintendo has reported its year-end financials, and while the company has closed in the black, the results show staggering decline. While sales only show a slight dip, net profits dropped by 60.6 percent to ¥16.5 billion ($148.5 million). Nintendo’s operating income is a bright spot among the... More
  • Blog Post: Court Overturns Nintendo’s $30.2 Million Copyright Infringement Penalty

    In 2013, Nintendo was found to have infringed on a patent owned by Tomita Technologies. The source of the conflict was the 3D display on the 3DS handhelds leading to a suit first filed in 2011 . Today, Nintendo has announced that a court has overturned a ruling that would have cost the company $30.2... More
  • Blog Post: Metroid Prime: Federation Force Gets A Release Date

    Nintendo's cooperative shooter, Metroid Prime: Federation Force, has an official release date. In a press release, Nintendo announced the game launches on August 19. Federation Force has seen its share of criticism since it was announced at E3 2015. Fans have been pining for a new mainline entry... More
  • Blog Post: Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice To Arrive Later This Year

    Sega announced today at its SXSW panel that the 3DS game Sonic Boom: Fire And Ice is expected to release later this year. The game was announced originally in 2015, but was later delayed and put off until 2016 to continue polishing the title. 2014 saw the release of two Sonic Boom games, including Wii... More
  • Blog Post: Release Date And Other Details For Zero Time Dilemma Revealed

    During a GDC press session, Aksys Games unveiled a number of details about the upcoming third game in the Zero Escape series. The biggest bit of news is that the game now has a release date: June 28 for PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS in the US and Europe. The game will be released in Japan on June... More
  • Blog Post: Three More Legendary Pokémon Are Now Available In Pokémon Bank

    Nintendo has given Pokémon trainers a few more reasons to use the Pokémon Bank today with the addition of Registeel, Regice, and Regirock. The trio of Legendary Pokémon will be available for transfer from the bank between now and October 31. You can receive them one at a time by... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Announces Rhythm Heaven Megamix For The West

    Nintendo announced in its most recent Direct that the newest iteration in the Rhythm Heaven franchise will be making it to American shores. Rhythm Heaven Megamix functions as a “best of” compilation of the series’ rhythmic mini-games. Rhythm Heaven Megamix is a blend of old and new... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Makes Another Pitch For Metroid Prime: Federation Force

    When Nintendo fans told the publisher they wanted another Metroid game, they weren’t expecting Metroid Prime: Federation Force. The announcement made at E3 2015 wasn’t warmly received , but Nintendo isn’t giving up on it yet. During today’s Direct, Metroid Prime producer Kensuke... More
  • Blog Post: Monster Hunter X Comes West As Monster Hunter Generations

    Monster Hunter X has finally been announced for North America with Monster Hunter Generations for 3DS. Slaying gargantuan beasts and reassembling their body parts into armor and weapons has served the series well, and Generations continues this trend with new features and a release window. Monster Hunter... More
  • Blog Post: New Characters And DLC Revealed For Hyrule Warriors Legends For 3DS

    Hyrule Warriors is making the 3DS transition soon, and with that will come an expanded roster, which got larger during today's Nintendo Direct. Medli from the Wind Waker has been confirmed as a new playable character, and she will be free on both Wii U and 3DS. She will be available when Legends'... More
  • Blog Post: Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Is Coming To 3DS

    Developer Inti Creates announced the game a year ago , but now we have a release window and some more details for Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. The game releases on 3DS this summer and Gunvolt's rival will be a playable character capable of copying boss abilities. Ahead of the sequel's release, Azure... More
  • Blog Post: Game Freak’s Pocket Card Jockey Blends Solitaire, Horse Racing, And Animal Husbandry

    Pokémon developer Game Freak is reminding fans it isn’t a one-trick pony. The studio released Tembo the Badass Elephant last year, and it has something galloping to 3DS in May. Pocket Card Jockey is a blend of solitaire and horse racing. As players clear cards from the board, they’ll... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Nintendo’s 41-Minute Direct Presentation Here at 2 PM Pacific

    Buckle up. We’ve got 41 minutes of hot Nintendo news about to drop. You can watch the entire Nintendo Direct right here. The publisher says that we’ll find out about Wii U and 3DS games hitting from now through the summer. Some of these games we already know about, including Star Fox, Pokken... More
  • Blog Post: Another Nintendo Direct Coming Thursday Afternoon Focused On Wii U, 3DS

    Hot off the heels of what might have been the shortest Direct in history, Nintendo is delivering another presentation. This one will focus on games coming through the spring and summer months. While specific games haven’t been mentioned, Nintendo doesn’t want you to get your hopes up about... More
  • Blog Post: Mario, Zelda Titles & More Discounted With Nintendo Selects

    This March Wii U, 3DS, and Wii owners have the chance to grab some great titles on the cheap. On March 11, the following titles will be available for $19.99: Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Wii U) Pikmin 3 (Wii U) NES Remix Pack (Wii U) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Revises Forecast, Anticipates 1 Million Fewer Than Expected 3DS Sales

    Nintendo has issued revised guidance for its fiscal year ending March 31, 2016. The company has scaled back its sales and profit expectations as well as its projections for 3DS sales. The news comes after a holiday quarter that showed a significant drop in profits . The publisher anticipates falling... More
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