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  • Blog Post: Got Questions About Borderlands 2? Ask Away!

    Borderlands fans have displayed an insatiable appetite for new information about Gearbox's highly anticipated sequel. If our month of online coverage hasn't addressed all of your questions, here's your chance to finally get them answered. Just post your Borderlands 2 question in the comments... More
  • Blog Post: GI Staff And Reader Interests, Dislikes, And Favorite Games: Issue #221

    The Game Informer monthly staff page is a forum where we all come together and talk about what's cool right now. We'll get the ball rolling and would love to hear everyone's current interests, dislikes, and favorite games. Andy McNamara Profile E-mail Editor Interests: Cycling, Bon Iver,... More
  • Blog Post: Ghostbusters Influenced Super Mario Bros The Movie

    You can listen to the GI staff watch the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film here , but if you aren’t burned out on the movie just yet you might like to read an interview with the film’s scriptwriter. Ryan Hoss and Steven Applebaum from Smbmovie recently interviewed scriptwriter Parker Bennett about... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: The Wii's Last Dance

    Nintendo's current Wii console is limping to the goal line as the company revs up the Wii U hype machine. How much juice do you think is left in the old girl? We pointed out a handful of upcoming games worth caring about in the Wii's final days in a feature in the September issue. The following... More
  • Blog Post: September Cover Revealed: Borderlands 2

    Gearbox Software’s co-op lootfest is back with a host of exciting changes to the first game's addictive formula. The September issue of Game Informer contains 12 pages of exclusive details and screenshots from Borderlands 2, and outlines the numerous improvements the developer has in store... More
  • Blog Post: Help Make a Video Game History Museum

    A non-profit charity dedicated to preserving, archiving, and documenting video game history, is working hard to preserve of video game heritage. The organization, appropriately titled The Videogame History Museum , has already collected over 25,000 pieces of video game memorabilia. Pieces of this collection... More
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