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  • Blog Post: Chime Brings Charity To Live Arcade, And Monkey Island Concludes

    Check out this week’s downloadable game schedule and learn what you need to know. This week sees the release of a great Live Arcade title we’ve been keeping our eyes on for a few months. Chime is a puzzle game that shares a lot in common with Tetris and Lumines. You place geometric blocks... More
  • Blog Post: Hustle Some Pool On PSN, A New Word Game For Live Arcade, And UNO Hits WiiWare

    The last week of January brings another batch of downloadable titles – we've got the low-down. PlayStation Network has a new billiards game releasing on Thursday. Hustle Kings prides itself on offering an incredibly realistic experience. Straightforward, casual pool games are certainly the... More
  • Blog Post: The Lost: Another Irrational Game That Could Have Been

    We recently brought you an exclusive look at the trailer for one of Irrational Games scrapped titles, Division 9. However, long before that title was in the works, Irrational had another project that never saw the light of day: The Lost. Unlike Division 9, which was only in the early phases of development... More
  • Blog Post: Posing Bodybuilders, A New Vandal Hearts, And The Latest From Square Enix

    It's Monday, and that means it's time for your 7-day downloadable game forecast. It's hard to know exactly where to start with Muscle March , the new WiiWare game from Namco Bandai. So let's be as clear as possible. Muscle March is a game about over-pumped bodybuilders chasing down thieves... More
  • Blog Post: Trailer For Irrational's Scrapped Zombie Game

    Anyone who has played Valve's Left 4 Dead knows the dread and exhilaration of cooperatively blasting through an undead horde. However, gamers might have been able to experience the zombie apocalypse years earlier if Irrational Games’ Division 9 had been completed. The premise was this: Division... More
  • Blog Post: Serious Sam Returns, And Phoenix Wright Comes To The Wii

    A couple of notable titles are on the way to download services this week; here's your weekly update. Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter arrives on XBLA after a few delays this Wednesday, January 13th. People who've played the series before know what to expect. For newer initiates, Sam is a gun... More
  • Blog Post: Two Gigantic Features From February Issue Revealed

    Our February issue of Game Informer contains two explosive reveals. Bungie's next chapter in the Halo saga continues with Halo: Reach, and the creators of BioShock regain the name Irrational Games. For the whole story on the Halo: Reach cover reveal and the details on upcoming content destined for... More
  • Blog Post: February Cover Revealed

    After keeping the gaming public waiting for months, Bungie is finally revealing the details behind its stunning new prequel game, Halo: Reach. Game Informer's February cover story has 10 pages of exclusive details, screenshots, and art to sate your curiosity. If our magazine story isn't enough... More
  • Blog Post: Impulse Weekly: Matt Hazard In 2D, Castlevania Reborn

    To inaugurate the New Year, we’re introducing a new feature to track the upcoming week in downloadable games. When there’s something worth checking out, we’ll do our best to make sure you know about it early in the week, so you can make sure and log on and get the goods as they become... More
  • Blog Post: Software Price Drop for 2010?

    We've all gotten used to games costing $60 these days, but is there any going back? EA Canada senior producer Jason DeLong ruminates on video game pricing in 2010. We talked to DeLong about what he thinks might happen to the video game industry in 2010 and beyond, and he told us that he thinks reduced... More
  • Blog Post: New Grand Theft Auto At E3?

    Jesse Divnich, director of analyst services for Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR), believes we may see a glimpse of a new Grand Theft Auto title at E3 in June. Speaking to Game Informer, Divnich made a big prediction as to what we may see at the industry trade show in June. "I... More
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