EA Stock Fluctuates After Battlefront II Reaction, Wiping Out Nearly $3 Billion In Shareholder Value

by Imran Khan on Nov 28, 2017 at 05:16 PM

Electronic Arts have taken a hit to their stock price in the ensuing weeks since the controversy over Star Wars: Battlefront II began, reports CNBC.

While EA is up 2% today, their stock value has fallen precipitously since the end of October, with stockholders unsure of what to make of EA's back and forth with Star Wars over the last thirty days. Some analysts quoted in the story are expressing disappointment with Battlefront II's early sales, though EA have not given numbers yet and the public is unlikely to find out until NPD results next month.

The up-and-down fluctuations of the stock do not indicate any long term positives or negatives for the publisher, but EA are still in a precarious position with the game. 

Last week, EA sent a letter to stockholders stating that removing microtransactions would not affect revenue in order to assuage fears over lower earnings.

[Source: CNBC]


Our Take
While the stock value is significantly lower than the beginning of the month, it is still higher than this time last year, so everything is still looking pretty good for EA.