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Check Out Trypticon, The Biggest Decepticon Toy Ever Made

by Matt Miller on Aug 18, 2017 at 02:50 PM

Hasbro has been on a roll of releasing entries in its mega-size Titan class figures in recent years, remaking new versions of some of the big characters that were most coveted in the 1980s. We’ve seen big city-bots like Metroplex and Fortress Maximus, but collectors can now bring home one of the most memorable of the bad guys, as the Decepticon named Trypticon is now available for purchase. 

Objectively the largest of the released official Decepticon toys to date, Trypticon is a pitch-perfect homage to the original figure (but much larger). Like the original, he can transform from a kaiju/dinosaur form into both a massive spaceship and a city mode that can serve as a backdrop for smaller figures in your collection. The figure also has a fun feature tied in with his monstrous nature – he can devour the tiny Titan Master figures, which can then be retrieved from a pull-out compartment in the torso. 

The new Trypticon from Hasbro looks great, with good coloring work that matches well to the original, and a transformation process that also calls to mind the way you would move and slot in sections of that older toy. This new Trypticon has some tight hip joints, and several early figure reviewers have cited the problem and even potential breakage concerns, but I didn’t run into that problem on the individual toy I checked out. Appropriately, Trypticon also comes packaged with a Deluxe-sized figure of Full-Tilt, and a Titan Master-sized figure named Necro. For those of you who are looking to set him in battle with his nemesis – Titan-class Metroplex – I can say with confidence that the two big guys look good side-by-side. Metroplex is a bit taller, but Trypticon has a nice bulk about him that compensates for the minor height difference. 

Trypticon is now widely available through any number of online sources, but you may have to do some close watching of the listings, as the figure is selling out quickly in many places before being restocked. 

Check out full pictures of all three modes below. 

City Mode

Spaceship Mode

Dinosaur Mode