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Fallout 4 Mod Brings Your Companion To Infinity And Beyond

by Joseph Knoop on Nov 30, 2015 at 05:47 AM

Buzz Lightyear’s catchphrase may be “To infinity and beyond,” but it’s doubtful he ever envisioned a beyond that involved ravenous deathclaws. A new Fallout 4 mod allows players to dress a certain companion up as the famous space ranger.

Posted by Nexus Mods user Sorenova, the mod allows players to make Paladin Danse, the Brotherhood of Steel soldier, change his power armor color scheme to the familiar green, white, and purple mix. Players must have Danse currently enabled as their companion, acquire the new set from a power armor station aboard the Prydwen, and trade with Danse. Much like equipping goggles or a bandana to Dogmeat, the player simply needs to select the gear as Danse’s primary equipment.

User Sorenova added on his Nexus Mods post that he encourages other modders and players to create other mods, videos, or other content without his expressed permission. If you want to read about the making of Fallout 4, check out Andrew Reiner’s extensive coverage here.

[Source: Sorenova via Nexus Mods]