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NBA 2K15 Face Scanning Creates Pizza The Hutt And More Monstrosities

by Mike Futter on Oct 07, 2014 at 09:12 AM

Happy October! We’re just a few short weeks away from Halloween, and that means we’re exploring monstrosities in games. Today, we’re highlighting a new, frightening release. No, we’re not talking about Alien: Isolation. It’s NBA 2K15, baby!

As you might recall, NBA 2K15 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 includes the option to scan your face in with the Kinect or PlayStation Camera. The video we shared makes it look easy. In reality, there might be some room for errors.

For instance, here is a lovely picture of Spaceballs’ Pizza the Hutt.

You might also recall Eric Stoltz and Cher in one of the most heartbreaking movies of the 1980s, Mask. We’ll let you figure out which actor this is.

We’re pretty sure this person just scanned his dog. We hope.

We suspect that this person might have tried a few times. He doesn’t look happy that this isn’t working. 

And here’s a preview for The Evil Within. No? Bethesda, get on that.

Star Wars Episode VII will be in theaters December 2015.

Admiral Ackbar will make a cameo appearance. It’s a trap!

You can check out more images in this gallery. If you’re planning to scan your face in, let us know how it works. And if it fails? Send us your deformed visage. We want to see them.

[Source: Imgur via PastaPadre]