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Weekend Warrior 2/28/14

by Shin Hieftje on Feb 28, 2014 at 01:00 PM

Another week has passed and even though it’s almost March, here in Minnesota, spring seems no closer. I don’t remember what warm feels like in all honesty. What is a good way to pass the time when it’s too cold outside? Video games of course. Here’s what we're thinking this weekend.

Kyle Hilliard: Last night, I think I reached the final boss of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. He is certainly imposing enough to be the final boss, but there may be more after him. That’s the first order of the weekend. Despite mediocre review scores (including our own), I also want to dive into Lords of Shadow 2. I loved the first one, played all the DLC, and the DS game, so I am committed to the narrative at this point. Other than that, I’ll be catching up on TV and hanging out with the family.

Ben Hanson: I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to play this weekend. I've always felt guilty about not finished Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, so maybe I could go back to that. Otherwise I'd like to maybe dive into an older game, I've also been craving Super Smash Bros. Brawl so we'll see.

Isaac Federspiel: I’ve recently been getting back into Pokemon Y, which I was too busy to fully devote time to when it came out. So this weekend I’m hoping to finish up the rest of the gyms, and possibly push toward the Elite Four and endgame content. The internet at my apartment recently got upgraded, so I should finally be able to download a bunch of PlayStation Plus games that I’ve been eyeing. Apart from that, I’ll be watching a ton of TV, putting more hours into Hearthstone, and avoiding getting sucked back into Threes.   

Jeff Marchiafava: This weekend I plan to check out Thief. I didn’t play much of the older Thief games, but I’m in the mood for a first-person game that doesn’t focus solely on shooting people. I might also get sucked back into Civ V, though not entirely by choice. That game is addictive.

Cameron Koch: This weekend I’ll be spending some quality time with the new and improved Diablo III, as well as diving into the promising expansion for Shadowrun Returns. Happy gaming!

Daniel Tack: Probably going to revisit the original Dark Souls if Games for Windows Live feels like letting me play. Also may do a Hearthstone tournament if I’m around when they fire. Some Dota 2 ability draft, League of Legends, and checking out the new Diablo III Loot 2.0 changes.

Andrew Reiner: My weekend is dedicated to finishing up Dead Rising 3 (I'm so close to the end), and then getting as far into Thief as I can. I also have several movies to watch, including Gravity, and Thor: The Dark World.

Matt Bertz: To cleanse my palette before Titanfall and South Park come out, I plan to wrap up my Thief playthrough and dive into Strider given the overall positive vibe coming from the rest of the editors who have played it.