Breath Of Fire 6 And Other Capcom Mobile And Online Games Revealed

by Mike Futter on Aug 01, 2013 at 04:45 AM

Breath of Fire fans have been anxiously awaiting the revival of the beloved RPG series. Today, the sixth entry in the franchise has been announced. It's not what many fans were expecting, though.

Breath of Fire 6 will be a touch-based RPG for PC, iOS, and Android. 90 percent of the game will be online, according to Capcom, with data transferring across devices.

The Breath of Fire series got its start in 1993 on the Super Nintendo (check out our Replay). The franchise most recently saw release on the PlayStation 2 in 2002 with Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.

In addition to Breath of Fire 6, Capcom announced the following titles (note that all of these, including Breath of Fire 6, are only confirmed for release in Asia):

  • Monster Hunter Frontier G - PS3
  • Monster Hunter Frontier G - Wii U
  • Onimusha Soul for iOS/Android
  • Euro Historia for Browsers (Mac/Windows)
  • Monster Hunter Mezapolta for Browsers (Mac/Windows)
  • Street Fighter Battle Combination for iOS/Android
  • Monster Hunter Big Hunting Quest for iOS/Android
  • Street Fighter x All Capcom for iOS/Android
  • Monster Hunter Everyday Airu Life for iOS
  • Grand Voyage Frontier for iOS/Android
  • Codename: Rio for iOS/Android
  • Breath of Fire 6 for Browsers/iOS/Android

[Source: 4Gamer via NeoGAF]

Our Take
Capcom's recent financial troubles, layoffs in North America, and now a dramatic shift in one of its most beloved RPG franchises is a collection of troubling news. Things looked like they were starting to turn around thanks to the upcoming Duck Tales Remastered and Strider titles, both oft-requested by fans. Unfortunately, this Breath of Fire move is more Mega Man than Scrooge McDuck.