BioWare Picks Up Two Kingdoms Of Amalur Developers For Next Mass Effect

by Mike Futter on Apr 26, 2013 at 11:56 AM

The ever watchful Superannuation has shared his latest finds with Kotaku. Included with hints of a Rare title for the next Xbox and a possible new title from DJ Hero's FreeStyle Games, the sleuth found out that BioWare has brought on two Kingdoms of Amalur alumni.

Colin Campbell and Ian Frazier, who served as lead world designer and lead designer respectively, will be trading bows for biotics. The two have been brought on as lead level designer and lead gameplay designer for the next Mass Effect title. Additionally, we know via that Mac Walters, lead writer of Mass Effect 3, is currently working on the next chapter of epic franchise.

[Source: Kotaku]