PlayStation 4

Ubisoft Shows Watch Dogs Gameplay On PlayStation 4

by Kyle Hilliard on Feb 20, 2013 at 01:17 PM

Watch Dogs, one of E3 2012's highlights, has gone dark since the show this summer, but Ubisoft finally showed off more of what the game has to offer.

Ubisoft began its presentation by talking about connectivity and how the future allows us to play anywhere at any time, and that games will become deeper, richer and more believable with the PlayStation 4.

Then, they jumped right into the gameplay. Watch Dogs' theme is that hyper connectivity has changed us. The video begins with a pan of the city pausing to show off everything that is connected online.

We see the protagonist walking down a highly detailed street with lots of people milling about. As he walks down the street, icons pop up over everyone's head offering little details about their history. He stealthily hops over a fence and sidles up to a car to see a man mugging a woman. The protagonist brandishes a gun. The mugger freaks out and takes off running into a convenience store. The protagonist gives chase, jumping over a table in the convenience store, running out into an alley. He sees a lamp that he can access with his phone, makes it explode, and it distracts the mugger long enough for him to get tackled.

After the mugger has been taken care of, police start showing up chasing the protagonist. He starts setting off the environment using his phone and hacking capabilities, causing police vehicles to crash. He climbs a building, avoiding the police, and comes across a train. Using his phone he causes the train to stop in its tracks, and climbs on top.

The viewpoint changes to a random camera on the side of a building watching him ride the train, which he promptly disables using his phone. The gameplay footage ends saying, “everything is connected. Connection is power."

We still don’t know about Watch Dogs' release date, but we now know it’s coming to PlayStation 4, and it continues to look impressive.