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Check Out The Awesome Fan-Made Tail Of The Sun Cake

by Dan Ryckert on Jul 06, 2011 at 10:47 AM

If you've been following our ridiculous Tail of the Sun Super Replay, you know it's been a dramatic, event-filled ride thus far (including one unmentionable act from the dastardly Joe Juba in episode 5). It seems that the Mackin family of Maple Grove, Minnesota are big fans of the saga, as they dropped by our office in Minneapolis today with a surprise.

Above, you'll see Harry and Charlie Mackin along with the members of our Tail of the Sun Super Replay - Andrew Reiner, myself, Matt Helgeson, and Joe Juba. Below, you'll see a shot of the awesome cake Charlie made. It's yellow cake with chocolate frosting, and it depicts the tense moment in which The Coug finally confronts the menacing Ganon. We always love to hear feedback from Replay fans, whether it's from the Facebook group or personal visits like this. Thanks a ton to the Mackin family for their gift!