EA Confirms Respawn Entertainment Game Is Sci-Fi Shooter

by Matthew Kato on Jun 08, 2011 at 10:16 AM

EA Games president Frank Gibeau confirmed the belief that Respawn Entertainment's project is a sci-fi shooter.

Speaking at an EA event today, Gibeau talked about how the label was going to space out its FPS releases (no pun intended?) to make sure things don't get too crowded, and said that it would release Respawn's as-yet-unannounced title when the time was right. CVG has the quote from Gibeau, who classifies Respawn's title as a "sci-fi shooter." Gibeau continued that EA's scheduling "allows us to compete with things like Gears and Halo and put them on places in our release calendar where they're not cannibalistic to the core business and that's the essential strategy going forward."

Last year, industry analyst Michael Pachter said he'd heard that Repawn's game was a "space shooter."