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Become A Roman Soldier In Crytek's Kinect Title, Ryse

by Tim Turi on Jun 06, 2011 at 07:31 AM

A new game by Crytek was shown off at the Microsoft press conference in Los Angeles today. It’s a Kinect title in which players block, kick, and slash their way to glory.

The trailer begins with a scared mutt wandering through the alleyways of Rome, witnessing grisly acts of war. The camera eventually pans out to reveal swaths of dead bodies, fires, and legions of warriors clashing in battle. The video then focuses in on one soldier facing off with a charging enemy. As the two clash, the trailer shows a kid in his living room kicking and pretending to block the digital sword swipes.

The new Kinect title, Ryse, will allow players to block attacks, kick enemies, land sword blows, and altogether be a Roman bad ass. The video concludes with the player tossing his sword at the enemy’s head for an implied victory.