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  • Developer Salute – Kojima Productions


    Hideo Kojima's team has consistently kept Snake's fans guessing as to what's coming next, and is fantastic at hitting you with jokes or twists that come completely out of left field.

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  • Developer Salute – Rare Circa 2001


    A lot of great games lead to shouts of joy and adoration, but I had so much fun playing GoldenEye 007 that I got the cops called on me.

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  • Developer Salute – CDProjekt RED


    The Witcher studio takes an unparalleled gamers-first position on everything from DRM to post-launch support. For this – and for their amazing RPGs, of course – I salute them.

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  • Developer Salute – Criterion Games


    There are many ways to contribute to this hobby of ours, and Criterion Games has done it all – and done it well.

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  • Developer Salute – Neversoft Circa 2000


    Since the meltdown of the Guitar Hero franchise, Neversoft has suffered layoffs and fallen off the map. In 2000 the studio was operating on the highest level.

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  • Developer Salute – Bethesda


    Few game developers have delivered such captivating projects as the makers of The Elder Scrolls and the team that revitalized the Fallout brand. 

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  • Developer Salute – Valve


    As we wait impatiently for news on Half-Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3, or perhaps even a new IP, it's worth taking a moment to thank Valve for all of its hard work over the years.

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  • Developer Salute – WayForward


    This smaller developer proves time and time again that it can knock both licensed and original properties out of the park.

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  • Developer Salute – Irrational Games


    Do you have that developer who is your sure bet? Whenever I step into an Irrational world, it’s incomparable. In an industry that’s often stuck on the status quo, this is by far the most refreshing part of Irrational.

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  • Developer Salute – Square Circa 2001

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    Regardless of what you think about the company today, Square was absolutely on fire at the turn of the millennium. 

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  • Developer Salute – Ninja Theory


    Ninja Theory's focus on storytelling and performance capture have set it apart in the current generation of consoles, and its future looks bright.

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  • Developer Salute – Capcom Circa 1991


    The company has had a wealth of great games since the mid-'80s, but 1991 was one of my favorite times for Capcom.

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