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  • Blog Post: Five Last-Second Gifts For Your Gamer Friends

    Finding the perfect gift for a gamer friend can be difficult, especially if they stay on top of their games and play just about everything. With the holidays fast approaching, and few shopping days remaining between now and most gift-giving parties, I compiled a list of gifts that will always hold great... More
  • Blog Post: Seven Live Arcade Games That Deserve Re-Release On Xbox One

    The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are not backwards compatible , and that includes the games that appear on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. In the interest of making some if its most popular games available on its new console, Sony is porting some of its best downloadable titles. Games like... More
  • Blog Post: Lessons From The PlayStation 4 Launch That Microsoft Can Learn

    The launch of the PlayStation 4 is behind us, and for the most part it went off without any major catastrophes . Some people are reporting issues , and others are having trouble signing into the PlayStation Network to update their consoles, but the majority of PlayStation 4 early adopters are working... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Games Do You Want To Be Able To Download?

    Lately, I have struggled with splitting my time between playing current titles and playing older ones. Too many games exist that I never tried out – either because I wasn’t old enough to hold a controller or because I just didn’t play a title around its release window. Most recently... More
  • Blog Post: The Complete History Of Xbox Live (Abridged)

    As the sun begins to set on the Xbox 360 and the second generation of Xbox Live, we thought it would be good to look back at the service to see how far it's come. Achievements, avatars, gamerscore, DLC, and Netflix are all part of the evolution, but where did it all begin? In the beginning…... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft's Hits and Misses With The Xbox 360 Hardware

    With Microsoft revealing its next system on Tuesday , the time is ripe to explore what Microsoft did right with the Xbox 360 and where it could have improved. Whether or not the new console carries on the legacies of its predecessor, it's fun to reminisce about these hits and misses as Microsoft... More
  • Blog Post: In The Box: If You Want Gamers To Use It, Include It

    Often, seemingly small decisions have a profound impact. This is true in life, and doubly true for companies that manufacture video game consoles. Since the beginning of this generation, tech experts and journalists have spent thousands of words breaking down the difference between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: The Race To One Million Gamerscore

    Microsoft recently announced Xbox Live discounts for players who have achieved gamerscores of 3,000, 10,000, and 25,000. It's great to see Microsoft rewarding players for their in-game accomplishments, but the tiers are laughably low, especially when you take into account that two Xbox Live users... More
  • Blog Post: Six Things The Wii U Online Service Needs To Be Competitive

    Boasting (reportedly) serious hardware and an impressive lineup of blockbuster third-party games, the Wii U targets the core gamer in a way Nintendo hasn’t attempted since the GameCube. Given the extreme popularity of online co-op and competitive multiplayer, the suite of features Nintendo plans... More
  • Blog Post: Conference Reaction: Microsoft Stays The Course

    Once again, Microsoft hit the stage at E3 to tout new a host of new corporate partnerships for its Xbox Live service. However, those expecting talk of a new console will have to wait. This is the first of our Conference Reaction columns -- we'll be publishing one for each of the major console manufacturers'... More
  • Blog Post: Our Xbox Live Wish List

    Xbox Live is long overdue for a remodeling project. Though most of the Game Informer staff believes the functionality is far superior to the rival PlayStation Network (we're still waiting for Nintendo to seriously arrive in this conversation), a major update that simultaneously appeases fan, developer... More
  • Blog Post: The Future Of Physical Media

    In the disc war between Sony’s Blu-ray and Microsoft-supported HD-DVD, Blu-ray’s superior media storage space, crisp video quality, and overwhelming studio support made it the victor. So what’s next? Now that the game industry is moving in a digital direction with downloadable titles... More
  • Blog Post: We Tour The Xbox Live Game Room

    When the Xbox Live Game Room was first announced, I’ll admit that I was skeptical. The idea of wandering around a virtual arcade as my avatar and buying a handful of arcade games that are already available on XBLA didn’t sound very appealing. After getting my feet wet with some retro goodness... More
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